How you can help shut down Iranian Government websites

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  • PrimateDave

    Perhaps, before we try to 'fix' Iran, we should maybe get some real change in our own government?

    Simultaneously, there's a certain inescapable irony and disingenuous quality presented by the Western government heads who are harshly critical of the Iran crackdown on dissenting citizens while they, themselves, condone similar ironfisted policies in their own lands. Their two-faced position is barely hidden beneath the surface of their mock concern for the well-being of Iranian protesters as they urge their own and allied troops into battle, show little (if any) sincere remorse over the slaughter of masses of civilians that happen in the process and make sure that demonstrators at home are disregarded, denigrated or preemptively rounded up as happened at the 2008 Republican National Convention. - Who's A Low Level Terrorist? Are You?


  • ohiocowboy

    Thanks Else and Shamus!

    I have it running in 8 tabs so far...

  • Elsewhere


  • Elsewhere

    To make this process even more easy for everyone, someone has put together this page:

    This page will automatically open a bunch of windows for you.

  • callitquits76

    What a load of nonsense, it's Iran's problem let them deal with it

  • reniaa

    I'm sure this thread must break forum rules or if it doesn't it should still be banned on promoting illegal activities.


  • Simon

    All this does IMO is make the internet slower. That is a bad thing.

    Actually, it also then justifies anyone else doing similar actions ... maybe the WTS can launch DoS attacks on any site they disagree with or the government bring down sites critical of them.

    I don't recommend it.

  • WTWizard

    I also do not recommend doing something like this (it only increases Internet traffic, and could bring innocent, or even useful, sites to a crawl along with the target).

    Perhaps a better way is to expose the Iranian government as the tyranny that it is. This is what happens when religion and government get together, and we could be next if the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery were ever to seize our government. Hopefully, it will make it almost impossible for there to be a Muslim equivalent to the First Dark Ages, because they will want separation of church and state after this.

  • BluesBrother

    Sounds like a hoax to me, at first hearing ...I would not do it even if I agreed with the aims...

    The USA media has a fixation with Iran, now that Saddam has gone I guess they are back to being the whipping boy. I have no love for any such Government and certainly do not intend to support or excuse them, but lets be grown up and not give their media a further excuse to blame the West for their troubles

    Renaiaa is correct is saying that this breaks forum rules

  • Bendrr

    I tend to agree with Simon on this one.

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