JW District Convention Cyprus

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    Hi Joe

    I emailed too. The more this Org is exposed, the less effective their PR machine is. This is what I wrote.

    Dear Sir,

    I understand a Jehovahs Witness convention is soon to grace your city. I would like to point out that Jehovahs Witnesses, far from being a benevolent organization as they like to portray, are actually an extremely divisive cult. I was one of Jehovahs Witnesses for 21 years and was very active in all its requirements and directives. Since investigating the origins of this group 2 years ago and concluding that much of what they teach is contrary to scripture, I have been openly and consistantly shunned by all my previous JW friends and family in line with Watchtower policy. The hurt and heartache this has caused has been immeasurable. My young son aged 8 was also shunned at his primary school when he was with me. This caused him such deep stress that he exibited many behavioural problems. The effects of this stress was so bad that child psycologists misdiagnosed him as autistic. In reality, he was a deeply unhappy little boy who was being ignored and shunned by adults that had known and loved him since he was a baby.

    This religion is an iron fist in a velvet glove. If any of your readers receive an invitation to this convention, then I would urge them to thoroughly investigate this group before accepting. Much of what is required of new converts isn't made clear in the early stages and many are lulled into complacency by the smiling faces and love-bombing practiced by Jehovahs Witnesses.

    For more information on this group please visit

    www.freeminds.org or www.watchtowercomments.com

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy


    I will, of course, post here with any replies to our letters.

    I was never, as I have always posted here, a JW. I feel the pain, I can empathise. Mostly I feel scared for the little daughters of my JW friends.


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