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    Most JWs, are just everyday people. Trying to have fun and enjoy life as best they can, while alleveating guilt by underlining their watchtowers and getting 7-9 hrs in service (which consists of driving around doing rv's and breaks and some not-at-homes) No offense BADBOY-ALL-CAPS but I hate these kind of questions "what do JWs think of this or that" - We're just freeking people. I think the guy is/was a freak. I never liked his music, but I could care less that he was an ex-jw.

    Someone else I know, that is a pioneer loved his music, had his albums. Another friend who is an MS put a MJ video up on his facebook page. Another said good-riddance the guys a weirdo and apostate. It's all over the board. JWs although "united" really are not. Just people with opinions, likes, dislikes etc...

  • Athanasius

    It might be interesting if we all called the local KH and asked when they were planning to have the memorial service for Michael Jackson. Bet that would get them talking.

  • skeeter1

    RENAII, can you chime in on Michael Jackson?

  • restrangled

    I'll chime in for my mom, most of you know she is 75 and born in.

    She recognized he was similar to the 1950's icon Elvis. She mentioned what a great dancer he was... that was it but you got to love her for that!

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Oh they were so proud of MJ when he started the beginning of his popularity stint in the 80's, but boy did that come to stuttering halt

    pretty quick and then it was who is Micheal Jackson.

    Now their favorite celebrity is the little dirty one known by everyone as Prince., another musical wack job.

  • JimmyPage

    There are Witnesses who think that no one should listen to his music because he left "the Truth". Then there are pioneers who will play his music at get-togethers and no one bats an eye.

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  • WTWizard

    When I was in the cancer, those who dragged me in told me that, even if I already had the album and had purchased it free and clear, that listening to (or making tape copies for my own personal use) would support "that apostate" and that I was not to listen to Michael Jackson. On retrospect, the songs Beat It and Wanna Be Starting Something were completely clean (as worldly music goes), and Rock With You was only mildly suggestive at worst. But they wouldn't hear it--they didn't want me listening to any of his music (which, by the way, was better than any of the Kingdumb Maladies). By comparison, Kingdumb Maladies 27 and 61 were, to me, blasphemous to be singing (which is worse than Michael Jackson's worst music).

    I bet the witlesses are either going to make a non-event out of that "apostate" dying, or they are going to be gloating about it. They will go on about how, had Michael Jackson been faithful, he would not have died. What they won't say is that, by being faithful, Michael Jackson would not really be living. As bad as his dying early was, at least he was dying doing something that was actually living instead of doing something that would make him spiritually dead (like going door to door).

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    Most I knew couldn't stand him and would probably say he was Satan himself.

    I willing to bet MANY would take his contribution money though.


    You said it best. At least he died having been able to do something in this life, rather than sell magazines.

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