Michael Jackson Baptised or Not ?

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  • Poztate

    I would like to know was or was he not a "dunked dub" A lot of speculation seems to surround this issue.

    Name forum, time and place if you know and if he was ever "DF or DA "after that event

    For those who follow "Prince" you might want to post the same.

  • AudeSapere

    I was present in the Kingdom Hall when the announcement was made that he was no longer a JW/approved associate. It was a weird announcement as he was not announced as DF. My impression at the time was more of a 'parting of the ways'.

    Speculation was also that he could not be DFd if not baptized but since he was internationally known as JW, the BOE would not just let him fade without some sort of formal announcement.

    It was an announcement unlike any other that I had ever heard and I wish I could remember the exact verbage. Best I recall, this occured within 6 months of Thriller release.


  • Poztate

    Thanks for the info Aude. If they announced it as no longer an approved associate that would mean he was not baptised.

    The result would be the same as DF'ing or DA'ing according to the "Flock Book" but someone jump in and correct me if I am wrong.

    How about Prince....Anybody......???

  • shopaholic

    Yes...he was baptized. He was not disfellowshipped but disassociated himself from the witness. Back in those days, there was a different announcement if you DA'd.

  • JustHuman14

    Does any one knows if he went back to the org?

  • FlyingHighNow

    The brothers mettled with his Thriller LP. Remember the disclaimer. A brother from Bethel came to dedicate our hall (Lawrenceville GA) during the Thriller craze: he told us Michael had been publicly reproved. We asked if it was for Thriller and he told us that they were more concerned about Billy Jean.

    When the Jacksons were on the Victory Tour, Michael would go to different congos near each city on the tour route and go out in service. We had a sister named Dinah who knew the sister who would arrange this for Michael. So Michael went out in service with the Cartersville, GA congo. I wasn't there. According to all that were, Michael wore a disguise. He went door to door with Dinah and her family. But at every door, Dinah's youngest would tell the householder who he was. So they sent her to work with someone else. But from across the street, the little girl would call out loudly, "That's Michael Jackson!!" Dinah had pictures of Michael with her family in service.

    That wasn't too long before he came out with Bad and other defiant songs. We were told that Michael actually disassociated himself. I'm sure he got sick to death of being hounded and just quit.

  • shopaholic

    No, he never went back to the JW faith. Eventually his sister Latoya, while regular pioneering for many years abruptly disassociated herself. His mom and sister Rebbie (who is married to an elder) are the only two JWs in the family.

  • Decided

    I don't know if they were baptised or not but I saw the Jackson family at an assembly in PA back in 1973.

    Ken P.

  • looloo

    a guy on the radio this morning who claimed to have been a "friend " of jackson from the age of 13 after he was invited into his hotel room to interview him said he once sent him a mormon bible !!!!!! either he got the cults mixed up or he never knew him as well as us eh !!!

  • isaacaustin

    I am almost positive he was baptized

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