A Dating Site For Jehovah's Witnesses?!

by Blue Grass 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Blue Grass
    Blue Grass

    I discovered a site called www.jwmatch.com which have pictures of individuals claiming to be JWs looking for others JWs to date. Based on the Watchtower's anti internet stance and meeting people online, I doubt this website is real. Has anyone else seen this site? Can anyone verify it's authenticity or prove that it's fake?

  • The-Borg

    It's real. I know witnesses that have used it.

    Despite their stance against the internet, they forget that there is an awful lot of desperation and chronic lonliness amongst witnesses. There really isn't that many opportunities for some witnesses to meet a potential mate.

  • yknot


    I know some of those who have posted their pics....

    One girl in a neighboring KH has been e-dating a guy for 5 months.

    That said there is also an option just to be penpals.

    ........ of course in my opinion www.jwgift.org is far more scandalous.....

  • The-Borg

    I remember a brother that joined jwfacts for a joke and made up a profile without a picture. He had LOTS of sisters contacting him. I thought it was quite sad that so many women were so desperate.

  • The-Borg

    sorry i meant jwmatch not jwfacts Freudian slip

  • yknot
    I thought it was quite sad that so many women were so desperate.

    Thus explains the high level of JW women married to UBMs......

    The great JW man shortage rages on .....

  • The-Borg
  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    Someone should make a j-dub site for finding sex, & see how many j-dubs join it.

  • oompa

    i very good old friend of mine just got married from one of these sites....she was ashamed to admit how they met.......i wish them the best....her hubby, one of my all time best friends died ten years ago..........oompa

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    About 6 years ago, my ex-wife hooked up with a male JW on-line. I never asked her, but I'm assuming it was on one of those sites. At the time, she was still here in Arizona and he lived in Oregon. She wound up moving there and marrying the guy. If I ever meet him, I'm gonna give him such a hug...

  • asilentone

    good idea, PP. Why don't you create one like that?

  • ex-nj-jw

    JW's don't date. They meet, get married, maybe a kid or two then they get divorced. No dating required


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Some of the Sisters are real Hot!

  • m.seagull

    ha! my sister met her husband on jwmatch. she did have to lie to people and say she met him at a convention however.

  • lancelink

    Oh my God !

    Just for fun I ent.ered my old hall Crystal Lake Illinois and there is a 20-something girl that has a VERY weird life.

    When I attended a long time ago, she was an only child who was spoiled beyond belief.

    She also had every imaginable ailment that she could think of.

    Well, right after I left she ran away from her family, became homeless in downtown chicago, got pregnant and her parents found her on the street


    They credited finding her to "jehovahs help", they also posted flyers in the CL trainstation stating that the girl was "disillusioned" and needed help.

    She did need help but the JW's were not the ones to give it to her.

    Anyway she was df'ed, married the teenage homeless guy, they moved in with her parents, and had the baby.

    Now it looks like the guy bailed on her, left the kid with her also.

    And now the kicker,,,

    her profile states that she is healthy and mentally balanced.

    From what I know, she is probably one of the most dysfunctional women ever !

    Its uncomfortable to see what a wholesome / honest appearance she is trying to pass off. All those years as a JW must really have made an impression on her !

    And her crazy parents,, they are no doubt filled with pride because she choose the truth over everything else.

    Since her account has been frozen, they must be watching her every move, way to go when trying to raise a responsible adult.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Some friends showed me this site several years ago. In looking through the pictures, we came upon the profile of a brother in our congregation. The only problem was that the picture was about 10 years old, and he was about 75-100 pounds heavier. :)

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Correction: I'm not sure it was this site; this one looks a little different, but it was a JW dating site.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    I joined. Here's a catch!

    Why should you get to know TheBrick?

    I don't know of a single reason that stands out as to why you should get to know me. I am regular at meetings and service. I am used in the congregation. I like a good conversation and socializing with the friends. But I think that is the description of just about most Witnesses here. I am terminally ill and am only alive because of regular dialysis treatments while I await a kidney transplant. My terminal illness is called End-Stage Renal Disease. It might be scary about what I said for my fashion sense, but as I spend most hours of every day asleep...that is how I am most comfortable. I didn't want to lie to anyone. Also, you should know that my finances are very tight. As much as I would like to; I cannot afford to have a subscription; which I have discovered is necessary to even respond to a message sent to you. That did not used to be the case.

    He describes his ideal match thus:

    How does one describe an ideal match as there is no such thing? Everyone will find something, if not many things to change about the other. Especially if it is the female changing the male. Why do women fall in love with a man and then figure out how they are going to change him? They fell in love with him as he was before they could change him.

  • yknot

    Edited because I feel I over stepped someone elses (JWN poster) right to privacy.......

    Sorry for wasting a post!

  • purplesofa

    I met a brother using JW match,

    I fell in love with him, actually.

    Obviously we did not marry.

    We were both not really happy with the

    organization at that time, he resolved his

    feelings and went back and I did not.

    Years ago allot of us JW's online that were single were

    at JWMatch and we had a blast and I know several that

    met and married.


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