A Dating Site For Jehovah's Witnesses?!

by Blue Grass 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • vikesgirl101

    Interesting. However it does not help those that want the hell out of that religion. Maybe there could be a dating website for people that want out of the org. The sex one PP suggested might just do the trick. It could be "Future disfellowshipped JW's".

  • InquiryMan

    Interestingly, in a newly published book by the University Press Publishing House in Norway, that very specific site is mentioned by name as a sign that although being old-fashioned in many ways, JWs sometimes use modern avenues and thus gets modernised.. The author, however, failed to mention that that site is highly unofficial...

    The book it self is very good, it is made up with contributions from more than 10 professionals, giving different angles on JW doctrine, organization, life and culture... A JW is also contributing, allowing the JWs to give a self-presentation.... It is Rolf Furuli who has written that part, he is also coordinator in an Oslo congregation and is working at the University of Oslo.

    In fact, my parents intends to read the book, and that is good, cause it also mentions information not commonly known among regular JWs, e.g. Mexico/Malawi etc..

    The book has come into existence also in cooperation with Brooklyn HQs and the national branch office providing informormation and literature..

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