North Korea Threatens To Attack

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  • megaflower

    They have said, "we will wipe the US off the face of the map". I wonder what our govt will do and say for a response. Any thoughts, will there be another war the US will get brought into?

  • out4good3

    North Korea will ge ttheir ass handed to them if they started a war and they know it. They are just posturing, trying to sound tough.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    They have been saying this for 58's part of their culture and brainwashing to hate America since the Korean war. They recieve food and medical aid from the world and cannot aford to lose would wipe them out. This is Political Posturing.....means nothing.

  • Tuesday

    I think that's a funny quote since North Korea has been quoted as saying the only reason they are getting enriched uranium is to negotiate a better treaty than the one that was left over at the end of the Korean war. They want to have more freedom for international trade.

  • Leolaia
  • Amazing

    Commrad Obama will not fight the N. Koreans ... he will simply say how bad they are ... it is all just talk, talk, talk ... no action ... it will be left to future leaders of the US or UK or France to stand up to the Communists or radical Islamic thugs ... but until then, the thugs will get away with whatever they want ...

    Just look at Iran ... France, Great Britain, and Germany spoke out quickly and strongly, and then Commrad Obama finally followed suit ... yes, I know, Obama was posturing because he does not want to middle east to have more reason to hate us, and keep his talk options open ... but they hate the US and Brits anyway ... so what else is new?

    What good is talk, talk, talk, doing? ... nothing ... the West has been talking with various radical Islamic thugs for all my life (50+ years) and none of the talk-talk and quack-quack has ever brought about one minute of peace. Even when Arafat got 95% of what he wanted, he still broke the deals he made. Sadly, because the innocent people of Iran do not own guns (because only the government can own guns) they are defenseless, and in order to win, they will have to simply overwhelm the authorities ... and many more will have to die than need be.

  • JeffT

    Deja Vu all over again. Also applies to our relationship with Iran.

  • sarahbear76

    Do you guys think this is maybe just a distraction? I've been reading this crazy book on Nasa, it's pretty cool. Just a thought.

  • drwtsn32
    Do you guys think this is maybe just a distraction? I've been reading this crazy book on Nasa, it's pretty cool. Just a thought.

    Elucidate, please. What are you reading about NASA?

  • sarahbear76

    Hi Drwtsn32,

    I'm reading "The Secret History of Nasa". It's crazy the stuff they have found. Check out the video, I just found it this morning. I don't typically believe in this stuff but who really knows eh? It's just interesting. Let me know what you think.

    Sarah :)

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