Protesting and Demonstrating at District Convention

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  • JustHuman14

    I believe Mouthy did the best demonstration. No yellings etc, etc. Just stay quite with a board hanging over you with a brief message. This is the best way to do it.

    It will be nice to have small messages on the board to make Jw's "think" a little bit, like:

    587 B.C the real date of Jerusalims destruction

    607 B.C came out from Russells influence by Pyramidology

    Why did the Organization forbit Organ Transplants for 16 years?

    Will Sodomah and Gomorah reserrect at God's Kingdom?

  • Emma

    What about showing up with upbeat music, friendly smiles, maybe a bake sale or food and handing out flyers? Something like attracting more flys with honey. They need to see how happy and content with life poztates are.

  • Yizuman

    Yeah I was there with Mouthy when we demostrated at Bethal about 3 times.

    I also went to one congregation not far from where I lived that had alot of deaf members and I would sign to them while holding a sign "Would Jehovah Mislead You If You Read The Bible Alone Without The Watchtower?"

    Then I went silently to a non-deaf congregation with a friend of mine that had a KH near his home and he did all of the witnessing.

    Been through alot of them and it's been a very interesting experience. I'd like to go back and do more of that in the future.


  • Gayle

    This would not be my style of placards, etc (so old 20th century). Now, being of the 21 century, I'd like seeing a big LED sign- neon colors (maybe with balloons :) )), scrolling certain messages like:

    JW children alert -

    Blood/fraction contradiction -

    False prophecy 1914 ( other dates) - freeminds. org or or others

    Go to College

    etc., etc.

  • Finally-Free

    I could never see myself demonstrating at a convention. I'd rather stay home and BBQ, have a beer, play with my bird, or do some yard work. I honestly can't think of any JW that I liked enough to try to "save". Mostly they were jerks. I'm content to see them waste their lives.


  • mouthy

    I honestly can't think of any JW that I liked enough to try to "save". Mostly they were jerks. I'm content to see them waste their lives.
    BUT MY DAUGHTER IS STILL there & grand-daughter ...I love em...

  • warmasasunned

    not something i would do, i dont think it helps. when i was a jw someone telling me that i belonged to a cult only confirmed i had the "truth",i was well brain washed like most are. sadly you can only hope people come to their senses, not that i wouldnt state my case if i was asked my opinion.

    to be honest i think it shows obsession, you know most people have wasted enough of their lifes being jw`s, now their wasting the rest of it hounding them. i would say to anyone, enjoy your life, state your case to friends and jw`s you may come across on forums like this, but enjoy your life and be happy. hate gets you nowhere.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    The video of the demonstraters is interesting but I agree with the above posters that that tactic will do no good. The demonstraters are the ones that look like freaks. Plus, you aren't going to get anyone at one of their conventions. That is when their enthusiasm is at its highest and they are surrounded by thousands of like-minded "friends".

    I really think we "apostates' have more power here on the internet. We can get the JWs when they are alone and troubled with their doubts.

    I wouldn't get within a mile of one of their conventions. Too many horrible memories from the past.

  • mraimondi

    that video looks like some cheezeballs from the 70s time travelled. actually it would make sense if they time travelled from 1976 ;)

  • shamus100


    YOu should have seen this one protester with a devils suit - it was unfreakingbelieveable! It was so bad it's been deleted from you-tube.

    Fundies go way way way too far.... let them live they're lives in the dark. When they're ready to change, let them look I say. The internet is a powerful tool, and with psychotics like Reinna here, it's all the better.

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