“food at the proper time” defense - help

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Don Cameron's book "Captives of a Concept" really smashes this reasoning to pieces.

    Available as an ebook here if you need it quick.

  • amiworldlnow

    You wobble made a good point, about the lies, were they the proper food at the proper time then. Now I want everyone here to know I love Jehovah, I just don't see how it can be said we are getting the proper food at the proper time, when it keeps changing, and really it just reminders, these we have already heard.

  • judge rutherFRAUD
    judge rutherFRAUD

    I make jw's cry with "proper spritual food at the proper time" It's so easy to pick any false teaching/prophecy etc. and RAM it down any jw's throat, by pressing the crap out of them was this really from Joe Hovers Table. that bull crap is true religion? ha ha ha so Hitler was going to win the war? ha ha ha, Joe HOver built the pyramids. ha haH HA BLACK PEOPLE are going to turn white? ha ha ha. satan created crop eating bugs. ho ho ho. jesus tells the wts what to print. ha ha ha don't make me laugh. I never lost this argument in fact I always start it with jw's just to make them look like dopes. rutherFRAUD

  • WTWizard

    "Food at the proper time".

    Meaning--"Monosodium glutamate at the time when it is going to do the most damage to your life, giving us an excuse to strip you of everything that has meaning in your life and get you out in field circus all the time."

  • song19

    ( I could resist checking, Song 19 is "Joyful all Day Long" - is that because you left?


    You are fulfilling that expectation. You have become SATAN's attempt to mislead them.

    Yup, I agree... lol

    ALL fantastic thoughts... really good! thank you.

  • Quandry

    satan created crop eating bugs.

    I was "in" for over thirty years, but I've never heard of this. Anyone got a WTS quote?

    (Sometimes, when mosquitoes are out, I would agree)

  • startingovernow

    Well, some people have allergic reactions to some foods. Such reactions range from being mild to life-threatening. Just because someone else says it is time to eat and only serves the food the person is allergic to is not a good enough reason for that person to eat the food

  • happpyexjw

    Well said, Leaving WT. I can remember being the staunch JW who would not "hear" any anti-witness reasoning. JWs are prepped constantly by being warned that satan would use others to undermine their faith. I remember seeing a copy of the book "30 Years a Slave of the WTB&TS" and being afraid to even pick it up, much less read it!

    The person has to be ready to listen to the real truth. Until then, their armor is just to thick to penetrate. It's sad but true.

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