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  • song19

    Nothing irritates me more than after spending hours showing a dub exactly why they are wrong and why they are false prophets... rather than defend themselves on each subject they all seem to go back to the “food at the proper time” argument and stop thinking. It’s like everything said is wiped clear.

    Anyhoo, I am now left to contest that argument… before I do, I would like to get some of your feedback on good ways to overcome their broken record answer.

  • BluesBrother

    Q ] Are you saying then that your religion comes from man, or from God?

    If you rely unquestioningly on the teaching of men (In Brooklyn) what does the Bible say about that?

    If you rely on God's Word, then it will be evident from the Scriptures alone...such as ......?

    IMHO - though, if you get to this point they are just not listening any more....

    ( I could resist checking, Song 19 is "Joyful all Day Long" - is that because you left?

  • rockmehardplace

    depends on what the original arguement is about.

    if you are talking about the flip flop issues of blood, and they claim "food at the proper time" - was it ok for people to die for refusing any treatment and God was ok with that, but now he says that it is ok to accept certain fractions and he doesnt want you to die? What was the logic to let those people die? if it i truely spirit directed, why did God not step in the first time and save those people or was that group doing something wrong or were they not worthy of saving and giving clear direction when it came to matters of life and death?

  • wobble

    Of what benefit ,at the time, were these false teachings ,to those who swallowed them ,hook line and sinker, as you are now with the present teachings ?

    If you can show me a tangible benefit from believing a lie, I may say "Oh yes ,it was food at the proper time "

    Was it of benefit to believe that Jesus came in 1874 ?

    Was it of benefit to believe that vaccinations were banned by God ?

    Was it of benefit to believe that armageddon was coming in any number of years, choose one, say 1975 ?

    Etc etc. Rather the question should be posed "Was it of benefit to be TOLD...."

    How can total CRAP be food at the proper time ? Crap is crap, whenever it is served at table.

    reasoning along these lines is probably impossible for the mind-controlled Dub though, so you may be pissing into the wind.



  • PSacramento

    I think that sometimes people make undertsand things differently at certain points in their lives, though typiclaly those things tend to be what was more "interpretive" to begin with.

    What was/is plainly stated is just that.

    I think that it very hard for anyone to decide what another person is "able" to handle, that's the job of the Holy Spirit, not humans.

  • leavingwt

    Details/Facts/Reality/Publications/Quotes/Dates do not matter, UNLESS the person has an Open Mind.

    If they are victims of Mind Control/Thought Reform, there is no getting through to them.

    If you were once a JW, try to go back in time to when you were in their shoes. Imagine how unswerved you would be if a weak or non-JW person had a few objections or criticisms. It would be completely ineffective.

    Moreover, they have been PREPARED for this moment. They are constantly reminded that Satan may attempt to UNDERMINE their faith. You are fulfilling that expectation. You have become SATAN's attempt to mislead them. They musn't listen.

    Their entire life/social structure/dreams are tied up in this religion. They are not rejecting you or your information, they are rejecting the POSSIBILITY that they have been taken, that they have been hoodwinked. The pain is too great to accept such a possiblity.

    When the student is ready, the teacher will present himself.

  • wobble

    Wise words, LeavingWT, I think back to the many times things were said to me , especially in FS, that SHOULD have triggered a response, but I just used the good old Cognitive Dissonance method, and took no notice. What a Dumb-ass I was.

    That does not mean though that we should let up on using all and every opportunity to expose the lies and underhand methods of the WBT$

    It could well be that WE are the teacher who has arrived, spot on time.



  • Tuesday

    I would make it as simple as possible;

    "Do you believe that there are things you have not received food for yet, as in it's not the proper time to receive the food yet?"

    They will say yes to this, then ask "So if Armageddon came tomorrow would you be destroyed because you're teaching a falsehood at the moment because the proper time had not come yet to receive this food?"

    They will say no here, "So if you can get away with teaching falsehoods and still survive armageddon why won't other people?"

    This leads to a conversation about people attempting to find truth and a pretty easily proved debate that it doesn't matter what your faith is as long as your heart is in the right place (heart condition leads to eternal life).

  • amiworldlnow

    This is a excellent topic, hello all, I am new, but I have been coming here for 2 years. I have always been confused, Jehovah reads hearts, not what religion your in, as always one says to rely on, Jehovah , we will get the food at proper time to answer all things. I must say that many of you, have opened my mind, help me understand alot. I thank all of you. From my heart!!!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    What they mean is Kool-Aid at the proper time.

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