Have you ever been to FAMILY NIGHT at BETHEL?

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  • leavingwt
    Brooklyn was a couple brothers with kazoos singing about creamed beef.

    Yes, that is correct. Thank you for those details.

  • blondie

    I went to a rehearsal of one in Wallkill. The talent was not bad. All I could think though that back in my home state, that such things would never be allowed. We had them once but they were forbidden...too many people, could not control it in their opinion. Normallya quiet person, we found out that I had a natural comic ability.

  • shadow

    I went to a couple. I thought they were enjoyable but they were 30 years ago probably on a shorter leash now.

    A Gilead graduation I went to featured the grads performing a scene from the Wiz. I believe it was to the music of Ease on Down the Road.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    There was a claymation video available on YouTube that was made by Bethelites that supposedly had it's debut on Family Night.

    Production values were pretty good, IMO. Message was cutesy and lame of course.

    Never been to one myself.


  • C. T. Russell
    C. T. Russell

    I went once but never again, it was almost embarrassing. But this reminds me of an old joke.

    Strike that! Remembering this really pisses me off.

    When you first go to Bethel they give you a “physical”. Looking back no one at Bethel Inc. was really concerned about your health. The whole point of the physical is that it’s a lead up to some guy sticking his finger up your ass. It’s called a rectal exam but it’s really Bethel’s form of gaydar.

    They give you a little robe and ask you to strip down naked. Then the joke doctor spends all of 30 seconds checking your eyesight, reflexes and armpits. This all leads up to the big finally. Which is him sticking his finger up your asshole. If it’s tight enough and you wince in discomfort then he says “You’re all good, perfect health!”

    But then later you see someone break their leg. They are sent home. I saw a guy have the skin ripped off his arm because of a defective safety sensor on a conveyor belt. He’s sent home. I saw a guy with 15+ yrs sent home because he had kidney problems. Bethel doesn’t give a shit if you have medical problems.

    F*** them. Do you think they would send a GB member home if they broke a leg? At work? While working for free? Slaves had more value.

    Here’s the Bethel joke:

    Newbie at exam: “Doctor your ring is cold”

    Bethel Doctor: “That’s not my ring, that’s my watch!”

  • jwfacts

    I participated once. I played the saxophone in a band playing a song that I think was called Brazil. It was very loud and fun and was the first act and pretty out there for a family night.

  • jamiebowers
    Here's the Bethel joke:
    Newbie at exam: "Doctor your ring is cold"
    Bethel Doctor: "That's not my ring, that's my watch!"

    C.T., that got big laugh out of me!

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