oh great and lofty governing body

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  • booby

    Since this is already off thread I can continue. Although they probably do not have large bank accounts, neither do they need them. The org they run has a pretty good sized one that they can tap as they see fit. And as has been pointed out if every need is met (food, housing, travel, etc.) why would they need one. To me the big bonus they get is a totally stress free life, probably why most live long lives. Stress in life today is the major factor robbing us of overall enjoyment of life in many cases. These old buggers have even overcome the stress that comes about from feelings of guilt. They create horrible situations for the brotherhood that cause stress for them all, but don't care a whit about it, obvious by the way they just shift the blame for all the bullshit they start on the rank and file. I guess the one factor that evens things out just a bit is how having a personatity that is cantankerous and not "putting on the new personality of (Colossians 3:10) can catch up with them as in teddy. . .

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