Is the organization actually gaining more members or losing more?

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    That means that somewhere a congregation(s) went down 6 jws. Do have some unbaptized adult jws coming to the meetings, other than minor children of jws?.....Blondie

    [email protected]!!..That`s a funny story..

    JW`s will spin what ever they can to make the WBT$ JW Cult look like its growing phenomenally..


    When You Probe a Little Deeper..

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  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Look to the BRIC countries that's where growth will be.

    Strong growth in the " B " and the " R " parts of that acronym are likely enough - but in its " I " and " C " components (i.e. India and China)? Somehow find that hard to believe!


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The WT organization is losing more and more members than it is gaining.

    In economics when an industry or a company is getting less and less from its investment of time, money and productivity, it is said that the law of diminishing returns is taking its toll on said enterprise or market.

    For a number of years now the WTBTS has been suffering from 'negative returns' or has had to deal with the law of diminishing returns in its efforts of making converts to God’s supposed established Kingdom.

    WT just doesn’t get it! Society in general doesn’t like what WT sells-not because it’s based on God’s Word the Bible but because what WT offers is plainly stale, tasteless and spoiled!

  • Phizzy

    I live in an area close to 4 Congregations, we have known the people in all of them for decades. Mrs Phizzy and I put our minds to it the other day, and could only come up with about ten people over the four Congo's who had come in from the "territory". This over the last two decades.

    All the increase in numbers in all the four has come from within, kids growing up, them marrying and bringing JW's from elsewhere by this method, and a few JW families moving into the area.

    This is not real growth. All the hours they have spent trying to make converts were wasted hours, wasted lives.

  • Vidiot

    It's like in Wonderland; they have to keep running faster and faster just to stay in one place.

  • hoser
    The city I live in has experienced growth in the congregations at the expense of the surrounding congregations closing down.
  • steve2

    It could be confusion over "where" the growth is occurring. I had a Witness family member tell me (in passing) that there was a lot of interest from the public in jw-org. Curious, I asked whether the interest was local or throughout New Zealand in general or worldwide?

    Her somewhat testy answer was about the number of "hits" jw-org gets daily. I (gently) pushed the matter further and asked how many more were attending meetings and she said "it is increasing". Her tone said not to ask any further pointed questions. We readily changed the topic. I should imagine she will not bring the matter up again even in passing.

    Anyone interested in the "growth" of JWs in New Zealand need only go to JW facts or the annual yearbook to note that growth is little more than could be expected from born-ins alone. The number attending memorials has hovered round the mid-20,000's for several years (reaching a peak of more than 27,000 in 2011) and average publishers in the 13,000s for as many years.

  • millie210
    Does anyone know when we use the term "born ins" to measure rate of growth if that is adjusted for the number of born ins who leave?
  • Simon

    Can it be both?

    They can be gaining members and losing them at the same time - it's called "churn" and is something they have always excelled at.

    JWs are one of the religions that is highest when it comes to people leaving, especially "born-ins".

    It's harder to notice for individual JWs at any single KH as you imagine you see the same faces week in, week out, and you don't notice how the membership changes over time because it's more gradual.

    Think about your own KH and go back years and you remember the people who came and went. The JH may even have grown but they typically shed members along the way.

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