Is the organization actually gaining more members or losing more?

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  • yogosans14
    Last time I was at the Kingdom Hall they were praising themselves about all the growth in members they have been having. Is this "growth" they are having statistically accurate?or are a lot leaving?
  • Bucholz
    If I were you I'd check the most recent yearbook.
  • truthseeker100
    The growth of Jws has definitely peaked in the developed world. Look to the BRIC countries that's where growth will be.
  • konceptual99
    Where's InsideTheKH when you need him to confirm that growth is in fact massive?
  • Heaven

    I suspect that even if Botchtower tracks people who leave, I am not sure they'd publish those facts. It probably doesn't look good.

    With a large majority of the industrialized world's people aging, there is quite a number who will become too old to witness and will die off in the next 20 years.

    My Father is one of these people. I have no idea what his official status is as a JW. I suspect it is 'inactive'. I guarantee they've removed him as a Ministerial Servant. He no longer has the ability to witness. Dementia has a way of doing that to a person.

  • Magnum

    I live in a medium-sized mid-western town with a handful of English congregations. In the last few years, I have observed zero growth and probably decline. I can't even remember the last convert from the field. I know that is anecdotal, but I think the situation is so common that the anecdote can be taken as a general indicator.

    The excitement is gone. Nobody talks about the nearness of the end the way JWs used to. There is no discussion of prophecy the way there used to be. JWdom is no longer the bold, confident, in-your-face entity it once was. It is, as has been said on this site many times, dumbed down. It's corny and shallow.

    The org is no longer attracting normal individuals or families with decent knowledge and intelligence. If it is gaining members, it's either those with previously existing JW connections, those in under-educated areas, or those who are naive.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • Crazyguy
    A friend of mine has been going to the same hall for 25 years. Not one new convert in all that time.

    Is the organization actually gaining more members or losing more?

    JW`s are Breeding More Members,than Converting more Members..


    ..We Made a "NEW" Jehovah`s Witness!................."New Jehovah`s Witness" Warehouse..

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  • blondie

    I encountered a jw from the last congregation I attended. She said they had so many new I asked.

    Are they newly baptized jws or are they already jws that changed to that congregation?

    She got really quiet.

    That means that somewhere a congregation(s) went down 6 jws. Do have some unbaptized adult jws coming to the meetings, other than minor children of jws?

    Then she scurried off. I hated this statement when I was a jw.

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