The Purpose Of The Preaching Work

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  • The-Borg

    So, Witnesses have about 94 million more people to Witness to each year.

    So 94 million extra people every year are going to die at the big A

    What a loving provision from God.

  • Heaven

    If the end ain't gonna come until the entire world has been given a thorough witness, then we're gonna be waiting here a loooong time.

    So if a person has never been preached to and they pass away, or the Big A comes before they can be preached to (like babies), how does that fit with "the entire world being given a thorough witness"? It's impossible to accomplish witnessing to everyone. I always wondered about people like this. Does this mean these people don't get a resurrection? Even some of the people I work with have no idea who the Jehovah's Witnesses are.

    This says to me that JWs aren't doing what they say they are doing. And even further, they aren't capable of doing it. I was never able to swallow that they could accomplish this goal of preaching to every living person year after year on the face of the earth. The math doesn't support it either.

    From my understanding of the Bible, not everyone is to be a preacher, evangelist, or teacher. Once again, the WTS is not following scripture.

    This can only lead one to conclude that the purpose for the preaching work is to hand out publications in the hopes of signing up new recruits while expecting current members to pay (donate) for the publications and ask them to collect donations when they hand out publications. To me, it's a business tactic to grow the organization in membership and in monies donated/collected.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    The purpose of preaching? Easy. It's called "busy work".

  • insearchoftruth

    Billy the Ex, was going to say the same...keep the folks from knowing what is really out there that is better...

  • kurtbethel

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