Must the Elders Always be Told?

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  • snugglebunny

    I recall that some years ago the WT stated that not all offences need to be reported to the elders, but that confessing serious sins to another person who was not an elder could suffice. The article stated that this did not include sexual offences and that these MUST be reported to the elders.

    Can anyone throw any light on this please?

  • James Jack
    James Jack
    Any offense that could get you DF
  • Splash

    Confess anything serious to anyone and it will soon get back to the elders.

    The congregations have a highly developed stasi mentality.


    It's all stupid, and here's why.

    1) DFing only happens if you do not repent. You can do VERY BAD things and not be DF'd. ( Jonathan Kendrick ) So why confess to an Elder if you are already sorry about it? What good can it do? Elders cannot absolve your sins according to the WTBTS dogma.

    2) I'm an ordained minister, just like ALL baptized JWs. Just PM me when you sin and it will remain confidential.


  • Giordano

    The Society and the Elders guilt trip everybody pretty......... soon some think they are really sinning. This one friend of mind had a problem with masturbating. Ever since his manhood arose when he was 12 he never gave it any rest.

    Then the constant barrage of 'it's a sin it's a sin' wore him down. So he'd meet with an Elder and confess and then repeat and repeat. I think he got off on the confession part allow me to rework that....... as an ex catholic, confession was a once a week purging of his sin's, he just kept up the practice as a JW.

    No wonder the priest in the confessional says "ok ....5 hail Mary's and don't do it"

  • OnTheWayOut

    There might possibly be some ancient article on confessing to Jehovah and maybe just ironing out a problem with a brother by going to that brother, but in the latter case I don't think it was about sin. It was about a difference between two "brothers." Heck, there might be an actual quote about confessing to another "person." But I just cannot imagine that it included serious sins such as the sexual ones or lighting a cigarette.

    YES, that last one (smoking) is considered a serious sin- way more serious than beating your wife, lying on your taxes, getting a bit drunk. I could imagine that if it were "just" beating your wife, then they might say that there is no need to report it.

  • a watcher
    a watcher
    I don't tell the elders nuthin'. If I have a problem, I go straight to Jehovah. Who needs a middleman?

    I don't tell the elders nuthin'. If I have a problem, I go straight to Jehovah. Who needs a middleman?....awatcher

    Then You Are a Poison In Your Congregation..


    .........................YOUR ENTIRE CONGREGATION..

    .................NO LONGER HAS JEHOVAH'S BLESSING..

    ...............Image result for the cursed


  • stuckinarut2

    The moment one lets go of the feeling of guilt and obligation to tell the elders everything, is the moment ones life starts to regain clarity and dignity, and control!

    That is why the org keeps reinforcing the ingrained mindset of needing to confess to elders....because it is a control thing!

  • bafh
    There was an article that basically said you didn't have to confess to them - but that it was recommended and of course you will do what they say since they are anointed (although they reserve the right to change their mind about anything. - they're imperfect after all) but not inspired.

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