Have you ever been on TELEVISION?

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  • asilentone

    Leo, I only appeared one time on Captain Kangaroo, yes it was in the 70's. It would be nice if I can see the replay of me being on TV, not sure if that will happen for me. I am not worrying about that. No biggie!

  • BonaFide

    Wow, some of the people on this forum really have some talent.

    My reality show was a fitness-related show. I made it to the top 20. Too bad the show was never picked up. They said possibly the FIT channel, but it never happened.



    When I was associated with the dubs (born & raised...never dunked) I had a tv show for 9 years. Hosted it mainly because I didn't have $$ to pay a talent better than me. More info is avail at www.wocctvshows.com . Oh my, my identity is revealed. Screw you Brooklyn!! The dubbies treated me sooo good while I was semi-famous and my super dubbie wife was donating bucks...now divorced my super-dubbie daughter (along with all the other JW hypopricks) shun me and her brother.

    So after divorce, cancer and homelessness I'm on my way back... just wanna do a little shameless promotion for my NEW car show... www.flipsiderides.com (which will be distributed nationally) . Look for it soon on a PBS station near you...better yet, call your local program manager and say you heard about a great new AFV tv show and was wondering if they would carry it? It would help. Guess how much of my profits will go to the WBTS? Actually I'll be donating to the anti-sites such as this and Randy's.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Yup many times and got a mug each time.

    In Montreal they had a phone-in talk show for TV that addressed many community issues. I did 12 1/2 hour shows but after commercials was only about 20 minutes each. The producer dubbed me the program's expert on incest and sexual abuse.

    They refused to touch cults and the WTS even when I said I would not mention the WTS but just discuss cults in general.

    I also did one spot on dead-beat dads with someone else. I really didn't want to do it but it was hard to say no.

    I've also been in the newspaper a few times and on the radio

    As a JW I was on a few times as the Sign Lnguage interpreter for the deaf

  • Snoozy

    Asilentone.....................You aren't so old...my KIDS were watching it in the 70's....


  • restrangled

    Yes, ....because I tend to be blowhard about certain subjects, and It would have been reality TV at the time. On 48 hours for a good few minutes, and advertised like crazy before hand. ARGGGG.


  • SnakesInTheTower

    You dont want to see me on TV....I have the face for radio.

    A project that I was part of back in 1983/84 was featured on one of the morning news shows...Good Morning America I think...

    It was one of the first video yearbooks produced for a high school. The owners of the company appeared on the program.

    Someone from the Washington Post did a piece on it and interviewed me over the phone... I had a brief quote/mention in that paper.

    I found this link of a copy of an article...part of it is blocked out for some reason:


    i didnt realize it until I did the google search..the local paper just did an interview with them recently..


    I thought one thing in the article was funny...that a lot of students did not buy a copy because they did not have VCRs at home...LOL.. I think the one of the women still runs the business and has the video on DVD now...and probably a lot cheaper... just in time for my 25th class reunion. I just emailed the remaining owner to see if I can get a copy of that and my HS graduation... thats as close as I got to being on TV...

    Snakes ()

  • Yizuman

    I have when I was younger and so has my wife.

    My wife was a poster child for the Easter Seals when she was a little girl.

    I got on television quite a few times locally from my local station who was sponsoring Jerry Lewis MD telethone. I helped collected alot of money and gave'em to my scout master from the boys scouts. Then we all went on to turn in the money as part of a combo with the fire department which my scout master was a team member of as well as his scout team.


  • JimmyPage

    I was in a local television commercial. My two appearances in it were really quick and brief. And I was on the news a couple of times. Once to answer a trivia question about the weather and another time when they asked my opinion about some road construction being done.

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