Anyone Going to Church Yet?

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  • Chalam

    Hi I quit!

    they all considered a relationship with God to be more important that a relationship to their organization.

    Amen! Only one was to get one of those John 14:6

    The music was always better than a KH.

    Most likely the people actually enjoyed it rather than feeling obliged?

    The kids were allowed to do normal things like play sports and go to college.

    Cool. The Apostle Paul liked his sports. Most likely he went to the olympics, highly competitive!

    They had special programs for children rather than try to make them act like tiny adults.

    I broached the issue with my JW friend as he was going through his divorce. He told me how the message that Sunday was all about broken marriages and how adultery messes things up. I was highly surprised when he told me his children had heard the message with the adult themes he described.

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  • Blithe Freshman
    Blithe Freshman

    Do all of you just Call him God now? has the Personal name of Jehovah just become a thing of the past?

    I am only asking because this is something definite I notice with Christians, it either becomes all about Jesus or just God without a name?

    Yes , when speeking about HIM I use GOD. When praying to HIM I use Heavenly Father, a very precious name for me to use. GOD has waited a long time & paid a great price, so I can enter into the relationship we have.Adoption often takes a great price & time to happen. The relationship is much more important than name.


  • Kenneson


    \Goodness! If I just address Him by God or Father, He might get confused and think I'm really talking to Zeus or Jupiter. JWs must imagine that God is as petty as they are!!!!

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