Are they really waiting for us to die?

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  • iknowall558

    This is something I've thought about over and over in my mind. Anyone DF or DA are viewed by active JWs as "Dead when Armageddon comes". But do they really believe this? Are they waiting for us to die?

    When anyone is given the news that someone they love and care for has a terminal illness, and is going to die, the news is devastating and traumatic and brings everything to a standstill. What was normal and run of the mill yesterday is today filled with disbelief, grief, stress, anger and confusion. They know that the person they love is going to die, and it becomes a waiting game, albeit a very difficult one.

    I know that these same emotions can be felt by those JWS who have lost ones to disfellowshipping and disassociation, because, to them, they are experiencing a loss. BUT,....if they truly believe we are going to die, then do they have a sense of urgency about the short time we have left?

    In real cases where someone's life will end abruptly due to illness, and the time left is limited......isn't it true that any of us in that situation would make the most of the time left with our loved ones? Would there not be an even more acute sense of how precious our family is to us and us to them? Would we not all want to make the remaining time as meaningful as possible and finish off on a high note? Time together and love and support would be a priority.

    This is why I'm asking if the JWS actually believe this............because they DO THE OPPOSITE !

    They do their best to have nothing to do with their DF / DA relatives. Some will never see or speak to their family members again and will perhaps even shun them till the day they die. How awful that must be. Sometimes the only comfort some parents of dying children can have, is knowing that they could make their children's last weeks and months as meaningful as possible.

    The 'loyal' JWs are living their lives like they don't notice us. It's like we are ghosts long before we're gone.

    So are these parents / friends of these "dying" children not bothered or concerned about being there for them and to love them in the time they have left? I mean, they know it's not long to go now.


    I have family, who though they know I have secondary cancer & need support, don't even ring me. Eventually you stop asking. I was an only child & was shy with others also, I don't want to have to rely on total strangers when I have cousins that were close like sisters when I was young. If each of them came to visit they could take it in turns of every five weeks. Is that too much?? I don't fight or drink or act unpleasently & it really hurts my heart to feel so unloved. people suggest I join a cancer support group but I tried & it made me feel worse to hear how most have wonderfull caring family & friends.

    Murphy, Dublin,


  • flipper

    IKNOWALL- The witnesses are mind controlled to think all of us ex-witnesses are going to die at Armaggedon . So-yes they really think we are going to die. But the truth of the matter is that they don't realize that THEY are going to die as well ! LOL! There is no Armaggedon- it's been made up to keep their rank and file members trapped inside the cult through fear tactics used by the governing body of the WT society.

    The reason they won't try to " assist " some of us - ( if you can call it that ) , is because they think some of us are beyond help in their twisted view of what they consider acceptable. Now if a DFed person went back to meetings and jumped through the hoops to get back in- they'd love bomb the person for 1 minute after reinstatement - then leave them alone after the initial welcoming party. It's all a croc of $hit - just conditional love. Twisted

  • shamus100

    Jesus called ones who had fallen away lost sheep.

    The WTBTS calls lost sheep walking corpses.

    Yes, they are waiting for us to die, and they can hardly wait.

  • iknowall558

    I know that they are conditioned into believing this, but how compassionate are the GB or elders in each cong. where there must be at least ONE DF of DA person. How does this 'support group' and their 'counselling' help the relative still in? Here's how.......THEY DON'T!

    It's "Lets just remind you from the WT today that your child has a new parent now, its SATAN THE DEVIL". They don't need you and you don't need them. They are Evil. You no longer should have anything to do with them , and be happy about it. We'll show you from the Revelation Book what's gonna become of them.......go on, take a close look at the picture, see that lightning bolt there, that should do the job alright......... feel better now? Right, good, good. Run along now!

  • jamiebowers

    From what I've heard from "worldly" relatives, my mom went through the stages of grief as if I had died when I was df'd. Fast forward two decades when my brother started to fade; our mother confided in one of her "worldly" sisters that she wished she never would've had children. I guess the brainwashing overcame the pain of losing her children.

  • Lieu

    Sadly, they are waiting for everyone to die. It was some sort of sick joke my fellow pioneers (at the time) would laugh about constantly.

    Kinda like modern day Jonah's swalled by the fish for their obstinance. They don't want world-wide repentance to God; they want death.

    They don't have the mind of Christ or God for that matter. They wish everyone to die and no one to be saved (except themselves).

  • Sunspot

    Yes....this is another manifestation of their skewed and unreasonable thinking....ALL STEMMING from their Watchtower training! It is unnatural and it is compassionless.....both of which are neither from Jesus or what HE taught.

    The scripture speaking of having "no natural affection" fits the Watchtower followers to a Tee.....they are trained to shut down their human emotions and natural tendencies and have replaced these with a cold hard (and quite arrogant) attitude. Unless one is another WTS follower, the JW has zero feelings of love or compassion towards others who do not share their love of delusional old men in Brooklyn.

    They are looking forward to their pretend and unrealistic world where only OTHER hatefilled, self-righteous and unreasonable JWs roam the live in the homes (of their dead neighbors) that they have already picked out when out in service and to revel in an eternity filled with endless picnics, eating giant fruit and patting Pandas and lions forever. Just the thought of spending eternity with these superfine, nasty and overly judgmental people looking over MY enough to make me run for the Pepto-Bismol.

  • iknowall558

    Sunspot --- The scripture speaking of having "no natural affection" fits the Watchtower followers to a Tee.....they are trained to shut down their human emotions and natural tendencies and have replaced these with a cold hard (and quite arrogant) attitude. Unless one is another WTS follower, the JW has zero feelings of love or compassion towards others who do not share their love of delusional old men in Brooklyn.

    This is so true ! When my husband and I had a 'grilling/shepherding' visit from elders, we were told that the reason we were being distanced by others in the cong. was down to ourselves. We had stopped going to all the meetings and weren't out in field service.

    Basically what they were saying was that WE were the ones who had DISCONNECTED ourselves from them. In my opinion, this stock answer is applied to all DF/DA persons, and this removes any responsibility toward them from their shoulders. It amazes me how easily THEY can 'disconnect' from the ones who leave, no matter how long they've known them, or how much they 'loved' them.

    Truly, there is no real natural affection.

  • Gadget

    This is similar to something I've thought about before.

    When I was disfellowshipped the only question my parents asked was if I was going to try and get reinstated. 8 months later when I said that I was no longer trying to get reinstated and was no longer going to any meetings they asked why, to which I replied that I didn't believe jw's were right.

    Its now 6 years on and they've never mentioned anything about it since, and after the first few months I never experienced any shunning from my parents like some on here have done. But if they honestly think I'm going to die any minute at armegedon (and they are true believers) then why have they done nothing to try and save my life except for 2 questions that probably took longer to type out than the original conversations lasted.

  • iknowall558

    Gadget -- It'slike I said , they can't truly believe it, or they would be pestering you 24/7. I think their unhappiness/grief comes from the fact that they need to show the elders that they are going to comply in the meantime with their rules. I think the real grief comes from the fact that their own 'normal' family routine needs to change. This is why I think sometimes that the shunning policy is just as much a punishment and hardship on those still in as much as those who have left.

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