Why did you pick your avator or username?

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  • chickpea

    my username is a nickname
    bestowed on me by a person
    i helped to remove herself from a
    current jeopardy situation and
    further helped into a successful
    life away from her abusers....

    my avatar is a mandala, used
    in both hindu and buddhist settings,
    having spiritual and ritual significance...
    used to establish a sacred place
    kinda an "in your face" gesture to the b0rg

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I was on another board (non-jw) and they dubbed me Lady Lee. The name stuck and I just started using it here.

    Every now and then I want to change it but then old posts to me would sound really confusing

  • Kudra

    Kudra is a character in a Tom Robbins novel (Jitterbug Perfume) who is pretty cool...

    My avatar- it is a historical photograph of the Arapahoe Glacier in Colorado. I study glaciers and mountains n stuff at skool.

  • Warlock

    I sent for some books on Telekinesis, Mind Power and Witchcraft. I have always been attracted to dark things.

    I dabbled around with the ideas in these books, and finally decided on witchcraft. I was going to join the church that the authors of the witchcraft book belonged to, but my trip down that road was interrupted by the JW's.

    Looking back at the overall situation, I think it was a good thing.

    My avatar is a Warlock, but it has been The Grim Reaper at times. I will change it when we are able to.


  • sooner7nc

    Because I'm incredibly lazy.

    I'm a huge OU fan and use "sooner7nc" for all my usernames at work and such, so my laziness prevailed and carried the day, so to say.

    The avatar is a picture of Val. Rossi

  • mraimondi

    the first letter is the first letter of my first name

    the rest is my last name

  • Chalam


    Yeah some great usernames. I need an avatar too go with mine one of these days.

    Here's mine

    Strong's Hebrew Dictionary: 2492. chalam (khaw-lam')

    I love prophetic dreams-the one's where God says something to you, hence the name.

    In fact, hearing what He has to say is great in any shape or form :)

    All the best,


  • AudeSapere

    When I first found this site I was a 'walk-away believer' - still believing that the org was spirit directed, but had strayed from that direction. Therefore, I did not want to read 'apostate' material. I read for a day or so before registering. Someone posted a link to a post that was for member only and I was too curious to just let it go so I registered only for the purpose of reading that one post.

    Could not think of a nick and did not want to ID myself so I chose: I_Dare because I dared to join and read the private post. I didn't like the nick but did not plan on sticking around so not much to worry about.

    That olne post led to more reading. And I was not struck with lightening or attacked by locusts.

    Within a week I was hooked and had learned soo much. Reading a news article, I came across the phrase and definition of 'Aude Sapere', meaning: Dare To Know; Dare to Have Wisdom/Understanding; Dare to Think for Yourself. PERFECT fit for me and the board.

    So my nick was changed - and I still love it! (This is my 2nd account. First was Aude_Sapere [with an underscore]).

    My avatar? Well, that's me and my bike.


  • Blithe Freshman
    Blithe Freshman

    The site has 2 blocks to fill out, I thought I needed 2 names. So I got out my synonym finder.

    I have an avatar on another site , my son added it for me. Surprises me when I see it.

    I don't know what I'd pick or how to do it myself.


  • SnakesInTheTower

    ah...as some of the veterans know,.... my initial moniker was SankesInTheTower...it was a typo...I had entered late one night and got stuck with it...what I wanted was SnakesInTheTower..... and I didn't want to lose my entire posting history. At the kindness of the site owners, they made the correction... they won't do complete name changes (so don't ask...they would never get anything done otherwise..lol )....but in this case understood the typo and fixed it.

    I got a lot of good natured kidding about Sanka coffee and such. Every so often someone will remind me of it....

    The actual (and current) SnakesInTheTower had a two fold meaning. 1) I considered then and now that the GB were Snakes In the Watchtower. 2.) They would probably consider me a snake in their tower if they knew how I felt about them.

    My original avatar was this snake:

    (Just an image I pulled off Google... if I ever write my memoir...that's going to be the cover)

    Some people were creeped out by it, and my demeanor had become calmer since I first signed up. On my way home from visiting purps and R.F. back in Oct 2007, I snapped this picture of an Arkansas sunset. This is my current avatar:

    I like it. Threw a few people off for awhile. My writing style hasn't changed much... I still sign off the same....shortened from:

    SnakesInTheTower (of the "{whatever I was thinking about}" Sheep Class) to just....

    Snakes ()

    (aka ...Rich)

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