Answers to Bible Questions – from the DC recordings provided by AuntBee

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  • insearchoftruth

    I listened to this recording and wanted to provide a summary of what I have essence the end is here, keep on the watch, how can we tell the end is here, we tell you so, so keep on the watch....what about those who had incorrect expectations, well they were awake and watching, but mistook some of the signs, but the end is still soooo near.

    The speakers pace is sooooo slow, even on the fast speed of playback, it seems to me to be slow. He starts with an explanation on how they have a wealth of information available to them, and most of the questions they are answering come from the theocratic library, but one must be willing to do the research (I guess only amongst somewhat current publications, and of course only use the Watchtower’s information).

    Q1) Why have some of the Jehovah’s Witnesses entertained wrong expectations about dates?

    Mistakes do not prove that religions are false. Most important to honor God’s name and the kingdom preaching work are important……talks about 1925 and 1975, mistakes by the witnesses, not the organization. This does not show that the witnesses were false worshippers, it shows that they were alert. The JWs are awake and only JWs are warning people of the fast approaching tribulation.

    Q2) What is the difference between Armageddon and the great tribulation?

    Starts with the destruction of false religion, and the battle of Armageddon is the conclusion.

    How will this appear to Jehovah’s anointed ones, and there associates, the great crowd. God’s chosen ones and there associates will not be in the danger zone. Since JWs are all over the globe, safety and protection is not based on a location. Destruction will not be by some human form. The resurrected anointed Christians will help carry out the execution….armageddon will also have the final judgment of the sheep and goats.

    Q3) How can we prove that Armageddon will not be a nuclear holocaust?

    Armageddon will be God’s war against all governments of the world. God will crush and put an end to all worldly governments and kingdoms. Would a loving God such as Jehovah allow such a horrific end to human kind that destroys the earth? He quotes the standard JW verses on how the earth is created to be inhabited. Destruction (at Armageddon) will be selective to those who oppose God’s kingdom.

    Q4) What does the transfiguration account tell us about the Last Days?

    Strengthened the faith of disciples, many had left following since Jesus had not fulfilled the unscriptural expectations of the disciples. In this time of the end that we are now living, Jehovah has strengthened his modern day servants by shedding increased light on the fulfillment of that awesome vision of many related prophecies. Jesus is now a powerful king, portrayed as riding on a horse (biblical sign of warfare).

    Moses and Elijah are conversing with Jesus, they are faithful witnesses who serve with Jesus, and therefore symbolize the holy ones who will serve with Christ.

    Of course Jesus rose in 1914…….it is a golden age of spiritual provisions

    Q5) What features of the sign are there other than what is recorded in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21?

    Apostle Paul put his focus on social problems and prevailing attitudes (1 Tim 4: 1-5). Consider one aspect of social decay in the world today, the denigration of the family circle, broken homes, battered spouses, abused children, maltreated elderly and parents. This is an epidemic situation today.

    There will be another bible fulfillment, Rev 11:18, man will ruin the earth. There will be ridiculers….these ridiculers are rejecting the sign that we are living in these last days. Friends, continue to search your bibles and continue to be awake. Searching for answers to scriptural questions will keep you aware of the time at which you are living and therefore will assist you in keeping on the watch.

  • VM44

    "The End is so close...."

    And what will this speaker say 100 years from now and The End (armageddon) still hasn't come?

    Probably won't have a good answer.

  • Gayle

    And what will this speaker say 100 years from now and The End (armageddon) still hasn't come?

    Probably won't have a good answer.

    They'll just say then, it's getting closer.

  • mindmelda

    Ever wonder WHY Witnesses are so concerned with when the end will come? Other Christian faiths also believe in the coming of Christ, and believe we're even living in the "end time" in a vague sort of way, but don't constantly dwell on Armageddon's timing.

    I believe it's because Witnesses don't live a healthy normal life in the here and now, so they're really banking on it coming in their lifetime....literally.

    I remember when I was 20 and an active Witness that the idea that I'd have to face aging or retirement never once occurred to me.

    My parents were fortunate in that my dad always worked for a big company (a job he got through his advanced education, btw, which they didn't see fit for me or my brother to mom also went to college) and has a decent 401K and a pension plus SS.

    But, of course we never thought much of such things back then, to talk out loud or plan on growing old in the current world sounded like you disbelieved Armageddon was coming in your lifetime.

    My parents came in in the early 70s, like so many, with this promise of the end coming "soon" or even at a specific date, 1975 and then hints of 2000 being "it". It's now 34 years later and you wonder just how long the WTS can keep tap dancing?

    Without iminent Armageddon, just how long can they keep people strung along? I've heard my mother say that "even without it, I still want to live the way God wants us to live" but how does that make a Witness any different than any other Christian sect? Most Christians want to live as they believe God wants them to live! Nothing unique in that desire at all.

  • leavingwt

    If you repeat those answers, really loud, over and over and over, it might all come true.

    Of course, you might only be in a silly cult.

    Let us know how that all turns out, J-Dubs.

  • NewYork44M

    I wonder if he said anything about the King of the North. Back when the USSR was at its prime they were identified as the KON and was proof that we were at the conclulsion of the system.

  • insearchoftruth
    I wonder if he said anything about the King of the North. Back when the USSR was at its prime they were identified as the KON and was proof that we were at the conclulsion of the system.

    I don't remember hearing anything about the KON, but I was mainly trying to capture the questions and then some overarching thoughts and themes from each of the answers.

    mindmelda is so correct, I think the focus on the end is because many of the JWs are in a situation where this current system of things (to use dubspeak) really stinks, so paradise earth TM is really all they have going for them.

    My wife who is studying is now telling my stepson that he should really consider a career in carpentry or some other building skill...of course due to the impending arrival of the end and the need for those skills.

  • leavingwt

    I forgot to thank you for posting this.

    Thank you.

    I do appreciate having that text, etc.

  • insearchoftruth

    You are welcome, far from verbatim, but covers some of the thoughts and the general trend where the conversation was heading.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    The end is so close you can smell its burp!

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