Did you think adults were more mature when you were a kid?

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  • Wordlygirl

    I am glad that it is a common occurence. I was shocked when I first went to work here and saw how folks acted, even the women!! One of the women in my dept was talking about how Dino, a former boyfriend, had a penis that curved to the left when erect. Now sometimes another woman will hold a banana at her groin and say "Hello, My name is Dino." LOL


  • kurtbethel

    We were just oblivious back in the day. People have always been people.

    Ward Cleaver [arrives at home from work]: Oh, hello Beaver. Pull my finger.

    Beaver [scrunches up face]: Gee, Dad! I don't think so.

    June Cleaver: Ward, you shouldn't torment the Beaver so.

    Ward [leans close to June and muttering]: What say we send the boys to the cinema to watch a movie and we push our beds together for some sheet scooting?

  • streets76

    That's one of the shocks of growing up -- realizing that everyone is just winging it and always has been.

  • YoursChelbie

    Adults who act anything but grown up--

    That has been the greatest challenge for me as a parent:

    How do you present positive role models for children, when there are so few grown ups whose behavior I'd want them to model?

    There's plenty of adults I don't want them to emulate and there's never a shortage of those. It's a fact: grown ups do dumb things: start fights, go to jail, drink and drive...the list goes on...

    If I do know of someone who is a hard-worker, has good manners, and has enough street smarts to survive--- that's a good role model.

    Growing up, i didn't get a chance to idealize adulthood: Unfortunately there were a couple of men in our extended family who were drunks and deadbeats. That made me realize at a very young age, there are very few "gentlemen" left in the world.

    Adults whose almost every other word is a profanity--that gets old and annoying really fast.

  • ataloa

    I've always wondered if the day would ever come that I would feel like a grown-up.

    (That Dino thing IS funny.....lol!)

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