On a scale of 1 - 10 - How Ex-xjw are you?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I felt like I was still a Jw for a couple of years emotionally, though I had left. Then for a couple of years I felt like an XJW. In the past year I think I have made the leap to lightspeed. I am feeling more and more like an X-xjw.

    I think maybe I am now an 8 or 8.5.

    How about you?


  • willyloman

    Interesting theory. I think the evolutionary stages are:

    Wordly person

    Bible Study

    Baptized JW

    JW with issues

    Inactive JW


    Worldly person with baggage

    I'm at the latter stage. I'll let you know if there are additional steps ahead!

  • dinah

    I skipped that first step. (Born-in)

    I've been a worldly person with baggage for quite some time.

  • SallySue
  • Priest73

    Shit. You beat me to it?

  • Gayle

    Baptized JW - 1957 - 11 yrs old

    Pioneer JW - 1964

    Bethelite JW - 1969

    1974 - JW Mommy

    Inactive JW (no field service but going to some meetings, more and more rarely - 1978 - 1983

    Ex-JW 1983 (6 scale) - (but anonymous because of my inactive JW husband then)- but actively helping (typing, writing) my brother who was a "public" ex-JW. He and my father were in a full page article about JWs on the religion section in the Arizona Republic then.

    Gradually an ex-JW (9 scale) inactive exJW, moving on, raising children in the real world and to be mind free and real, school, sports, emphasis toward college. My work, and finding a wonderful husband (never a JW). During this time I was able to avoid JW "radar" and never was DF'd nor DA'd.

    Now I'm a "10" active ex-JW, online (Internet caused a gradual revival for me on this),, not anonymous anymore,,I write on e-news about JW Society every chance I can, I joined an ex-JW support group here in Phoenix. My sister and I (and hopefully our other 3 siblings) are just starting on writing a "booklet" about our lives as JWs and leaving that life. It will take awhile for us as we are not "writers."

    Later, with

  • restrangled

    Disfellowshipped at age 16.

    Disfellowshipping reversed 3 months later.

    Left home at 17....married at 20 in a KH......in out, in out, until age 25 and then out permanently.

    reshunned at age 47....unshunned age 48.

    The scale is 10!


  • warmasasunned

    left in 91, after 5/half yrs baptized,. ax pioneer, m servant. went back for two weeks because i felt guilty in jan 92. sat in that last meeting knowing i would never set foot in kingdum hell again. took me about 2yrs to really let go of jw`s doctrines.but after that,never bothers me, dont belive it,dont belive in any religion, a 10 for me.

  • villabolo



  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I believe there might be some 9.5's almost 10's on here - but no 11's. Elevens would not even be here IMO - in fact 10's would not be here would they? Still a little Jw baggage remains for everyone here I think - once you hit ten -'outa here' I think?

    Well, anyway, that's my theory.


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