I got caught on this site... AGAIN...

by cognac 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • sir82
    they are bloodguilty.
    He said, well, they will be resurrected.

    Well, if bloodguilt is so easily negated, why not go out and murder people instead of preaching to them?

    If you preach to them, there is a 99+% chance they will reject your message and thus be in line for eternal destruction when Armageddon comes "soon".

    However, if they are killed prior to the breakout of Armageddon, there is a 100% chance they will be resurrected and get a free pass to the 1000 year reign, when they can learn "the truth" without demonic influence surrounding them

    Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

  • wobble

    Yup no-brainer,thats what every householder should end up being, having had their brains blown out,its called the JW's life-saving work.

    Ain't Cult logic just grand ?



  • mindmelda

    In a way, it's not too different from the kind of crazy logic that drives anti abortionists to murder doctors in the name of God who do abortions, or Islamic extremists to kill "infidels" in the name of Allah.

    If you think God is on your side, telling you to do it, suddenly it becomes just dandy because God's commands supersede human laws or rules.

    Let's all just be glad that the WTS doesn't wholeheartedly sanction outright violence, or some of the crazier Witnesses could get the idea that murdering worldly people was more productive than converting them.

    According to their beliefs, it could be rationalized. Die now as a murder victim, get a resurrection as one of the "unrighteous" into the paradise. Die at Armageddon unconverted to Jehovah's Witnesses, you die forever.

    You just have to get past that prohibition against murder in the Bible. Give them enough Bible hopscotch, could the JWs manage it? They got them to believe it's wrong to take blood and some other crazy stuff that way.

    Although since the majority out preaching in some places are older sisters, the idea of arming them all with guns gets pretty silly.

    "Watch out, JW Granny has a gun, and she's going to get you into the paradise the hard way if you don't read the Watchtower and convert!"

  • Chalam

    Hi cognac,


    He's is gonna get curious and have a look himself before too long :)

    All the best,


  • out4good3

    Get caught????

    My wife knows I'm on this site as a matter of course.

    I don't say anything about her leaving her special mags she thinks I'm going to one day pick up just because they're left on my side of the bed, my side of the vanity in the bathroom, her convention activities highlighted on the calendar, her back stack of WT and Awake mags taking up space in the closet and garage.

    Why should me being on this site bother her?

    Oh...My bad.....it does.

    As she's always trying to tell me that if I wanted to know something about JWs I should ask one.

    Yeah Right!!!

    ....and a Chrysler dealer will tell you that their cars are the best built and most reliable in the world and that the company's doing fine and everything else you hear about them outside is from the disgruntled and haters.

  • carla

    Jw's always ask others what they would never be willing to themselves, would he be willing to stop going to the kh and all jw related things if you stopped coming here or any other so called apostate sites? Jw's find sites like this reprehensible yet many of us who know about jw's find the kh's/org just as reprehensible if not more so!

    Mine knows I come to 'sites' filled with all you evil apostates and in his mind that includes all of you, including those who claim to be jw's but come to sites like these. You are all dead meat I guess (includes me of course too).

    I never leave this site open but you oughtta' see my favorites list which is always in full view! If a jw from the khell saw it they would probably smash the computer to bits!

  • restrangled

    Dear Cognac....

    Getting caught? It doesn't seem right that a wife would be catching any kind of "world war 3" unless it was some kind of porno problem.

    What I post on, is my business. We all have our seperate accounts in this house. What my husband posts on is his business. What I post on is my business...unless I tell him take a look at this etc.

    Our email accounts are private we send each other stuff, etc., but I would never try to get into his stuff, and he mine.

    I have nothing to hide, and my office sits in a very wide hallway,that everyone has to get through.....arg...they are usually reading jwd as they go through~


  • jamiebowers
    So, he said he didn't like me on this site, bla, bla, bla. I said there is no way I'm not coming. I said I wasn't trying to cause trouble - I don't want to smoke, do drugs, commit adultery, etc. I said the reason I was on this site was because things bothered my conscious the way the society does things.
    He said that nobody is perfect.

    Cognac, will you please ask your husband why it is okay to excuse the WB&TS as imperfect when the governing body takes it upon itself to make life altering decisions for jws? They have gone beyond what is written with "apostasy", the blood and neutrality issues, child abuse, and domestic violence. It has caused families to fall apart, unnecessary imprisonment, suffering and victimization; yet all is well, because they're imperfect. If they're so damned imperfect, why are they making life and death decisions for people?

  • WTWizard

    I have no one to catch me on this forum--unless those hounders put spyware on my computer.

  • cognac
    He's is gonna get curious and have a look himself before too long :)

    I'm betting your right. I have a feeling he's already been on here without telling me. I think he's getting more comfortable with it because I've been on here so long and I haven't turned into a crazy apostate person. The worry isn't really there for him. Plus, he's really thinking for himself. There's just things he hasn't put together for himself yet to realize that it's not the truth.

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