Tonight a mother mourns the loss of her son

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  • dobbie

    Purps you are such a lovely person. I know wat you mean, i don't usually admit it as my stepdad calls it emotional weakness but i spend hours,even wks after hearing of people and someones son'daughter taken from them.

    On holiday i Cornwall a couple of yrs ago hubby and i were returning to our holiday cottage in the country and were stopped by police and told to turn back. I still remember it now, there was a lorry and a bike, ambulances and police cars, it was dark thankfully for us. We learnt the next day a young man on his motorbike had collided into a lorry and been killed instantly. Poor lad and his poor family (and lorry driver). I think there's alot to the saying live each day like its your last, i've determined lately to do just that and have loads of fun times for my boys for them to remember, instead of the usual bickering. x

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    When I hear reports like yours, Purps, I get entrenched in my reluctance to buy my 2 teen kids the mopeds or scooters they keep asking me. I know it's unfair to them, because they are almost 18 and 19 and I got my first moped aged 14 but, how do you say, I can't wrap my mind around that prospect. Stupid, because the time is so near when they will be past the moped age. Not that they keep a big grudge against me, I think they understand my, and their mum's, feelings. Call that egoism but I just don't want to be mourning them.

  • purplesofa


    any man's death diminishes me
    because i am involved in mankind
    and therefore never send to know for
    whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee

    Thank-you for these words, I have noticed that as time passed from qutting WT meetings I am more emotional about these sort of things. And I think it's because now I do feel I am involved with all mankind, not just the "brothers and sisters" so when something happens to another human I am touched in a way that before I was numb.


    Your email...........I can only assume this is our Velta from the board? I sent you a pm.

    Thank-you for all your kind comments. My kids were a bit unsettled that this upset me so, and then I start my pleads of ........please be safe, always be safe.

    I am thinking of coffee_blacks grandaughter now Aubrey, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Leslie, do they know if he died instantly? Or did he languish for a time? This is so sad.

  • purplesofa

    I don't know, I am going to see what I can find out, there is nothing posted about funeral arrangements. There is usually a group here in the evenings I plan to network then. My kids did not know this boy, his name is Jeremy. They are two years older and younger so they were not in the same grade in school.

    Tuesday morning, Cabot police received a report of a motorcycle accident on John Hardin Drive, south of Highway 5 next to the south bound entrance ramp to Highway 67/167.

    Police found the body of 26-year-old Jeremy Bain at the scene.

    Bain was reported missing on Monday morning after he did not return home the night before.

    The initial investigation shows that Bain was traveling north on John Hardin Drive when he left the road on the right side and drove down the embankment where the motorcycle came to rest on top of him in a grassy area.

    The accident is still under investigation.


    I see that this is Velta, thanks for posting, she has this posted on her MySpace page, I sent her a message there, too sad.


  • restrangled

    Thanks Purps...have mourned this kind of death twice in my life. (My beloved younger brother, and a beloved cousin.)

  • flipper

    Purps- It is a very sad thing when someone so young dies tragically like that. When I've come across accidents like that my heart leaps into my throat as well. You had a very human and empathetic response. Hang onto that loving spirit within you. You won't die alone . A quality man will be there for you to care for you. Hang in there - Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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