BIG - USA Today, JW women 6X more likely to die from Blood Loss during childbirth

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  • shamus100

    For crying out loud, skeeter,

    This is nothing more than satan mascarading as doctors giving mis-information. It's plain to see!

  • skeeter1

    Shamus, LOL.

  • rebel8

    Women because of child birth, hysterectomies, and female issues...and black people because of sickle cell anemia. Then, it's usually the kids with luekemia or bone cancers, and people facing trauma, and major surgeries.

    A major point! If this ban somehow effected middle aged white males it would have been tossed out long ago!

    Very true. As a Hemophiliac I almost bled to death many times due to menstruation. My periods lasted 3 out of 4 weeks each month and were often too heavy to permit me to leave the bathroom. Heavy bleeding causes much pain as well, and sometimes I nearly passed out from the pain.
    I fainted due to blood loss. Once I had to be propped up in bed with pillows to breathe, because I didn't have enough red blood cells to carry the oxygen to my vital organs. I had to be carried to the bathroom.
    I was reminded by "The Friends" that I was being punished because of Eve's sin, I was inherently sinful and deserving of this punishment. Add to that their near psychotic beliefs about Hemophiliacs. (See "Hemophiliacs are Vampires" thread I started a few years ago.)
    I was not allowed prevention measures--birth control pills or minor surgery--bcp because that would "make me have sex" and surgery because they mistakenly believed it would be an opportunity for transfusions to be forced on me.
    I took iron supplements for chronic anemia for years. The chronic anemia was caused by preventable blood loss. I'm told I have some organ damage from the supplements.
    I missed tons of school and spent way too much of my childhood in the bathroom or in bed.
    All of this was totally unnecessary.
    It was truly horrific being a girl in the borg. It is so easy for those sociopathic bastards in Crooklyn to cook up random rules that don't affect them personally.
    At this point I firmly believe the blood policy exists only because they don't want to admit they were wrong.
    Maybe if I tell this story enough times, it will help someone, or maybe a decision-maker in Crooklyn will listen up.
  • insearchoftruth

    bttt, may need to pick up a USA Today.....

  • skeeter1

    btt, for those who missed it.

    Numbers don't lie.

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