My own Magazine Campaign

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  • WTWizard

    Good idea--and place the addresses to other apostate sites right on their wastes of paper, hoping that someone will cross-reference and see that the Washtowel lies.

    However, tracts that are left in supermarkets generally do not move. I have seen regular church tracts planted there, and I will write "The Bible lies." under all the "The Bible says...'s", and then find the same tract there untouched as much as two weeks later. The laundromats and doctor waiting rooms are more likely to see activity, since those magazines are much more likely to be read if people have nothing to do than while they are busy shopping.

  • rebel8

    I once wanted to take the "What do JWS Believe" tract and remake it with spoof articles that would scare people off. Never followed through with it, heh.

    I am just waiting for Reniaa to come to this thread and chastize me. I will make even more labels if she does.



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