Just been visited

by scotinsw 11 Replies latest jw experiences

  • cognac

    mebbe call up a church of christendom
    in the city where your parents reside
    and give them your parents' address
    saying they would welcome a visit.....

    lol, that would be awesome!

  • sammielee24

    If you are a baptized JW and you told them that 'being a JW isn't for me', then I suspect that the word will go directly back to the Elders and they will decide what to do. There were 2 witnesses to your statement so if they follow the guidelines, they could disassociate you immediately. Saying that is tantamount to saying you don't want to be a JW any longer and puts you in the 'disassociated' class that is linked to the statement 'xxxx is no longer one of Jehovahs Witnessess'...subsequent shunning to follow.

    Perhaps it won't go that far - depends on the Elders in that congregation - sammieswife.

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