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  • scotinsw

    Hi there

    I have just been visited by two local JWs who had heard I had moved into the area and wanted to say hello.

    I'm going to be having words with my parents later as they are the only people who could have given out my name and address.

    They were ok with me. I explained that I had been let down in the past by Witnesses and that being a JW wasn't for me. Any idea what will happen next? They just left it at if I ever wanted to go to a meeting then I was more than welcome. No attempt was made to leave any magazines etc with me or anything about the DC coming up shortly.

  • BluesBrother

    Any idea what will happen next?

    My guess is that they will leave you alone - just get a call when the street is "worked"

  • scotinsw

    Thats what I'm hoping for. If I get hauled into a JC I'll be Df'd which would destroy my parents and I'm trying to avoid that desperatley.

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    have just been visited by two local JWs who had heard I had moved into the area and wanted to say hello.

    Were they elders, or just "regular JW's"?

  • leavingwt

    Are you baptized?

  • Heaven

    Welcome to the Forum, scotinsw! How can you be hauled into a JC? Were you baptized? If not, then they have no grounds to do this. And even if you were baptized, they still have no grounds. You just don't go. The only power they have over you is what you give them. I say, Give Them None!

    As for them coming back, if you've told them you're not interested and they DO keep coming back, you could threaten them with legal action on the grounds of harassment. There are a number of ways of dissuading them nicely. You could launch into a story they really don't want to be listening to, for one. Tell them you get the mags from your parents as another. Or you could answer the door dressed in some weird outfit like some Pagan or medieval get-up... or maybe Santa Claus? If you're feeling particularly saucy, answer the door naked. They usually steer clear of (perceived) nut cases!

  • scotinsw

    They were "regulars" but I suspect that he was an elder or ms. They were a young married couple who had been asked to pay me a visit.

    Yes I was baptised but stopped going to meetings regularly about a year ago and then completely at around xmas. Was never a die hard JW but kept going anyway. got sick of hypocrisy with elders spouting rubbish about love when I never saw any in the cong.

    If I ever get asked the question do i still want to be known as a jw I'll say no which means that I'm DAing myself. I really don't want to go that purely because of my parents.

    Lol at Heaven! I think that may be the answer!

  • passwordprotected

    Did you say that "being a JW isn't for me"? If so, it may be wise to avoid making similar statements as an elder may quickly follow that up with, "are you saying you don't wish to be known as one of JWs?". Answering in the affirmative, especially in front of 2 witnesses, may result in you having disassociating yourself.

  • scotinsw

    I realise that now. They caught me unaware - didn't expect a visit.

    I'll speak to my parents tomorrow about it. They know that I don't want to go back and I'm really annoyed with them for giving out my address.

    I'll have to be better prepared in future but the answer is I don't want to be a JW anymore. I thought that by moving to a new place it would be easier to fade - may not be so easy now......

  • chickpea

    mebbe call up a church of christendom
    in the city where your parents reside
    and give them your parents' address
    saying they would welcome a visit.....

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