Watchtower negotiates with Town of Ramapo over taxes

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    Source? I've never seen anything on the Governing Body moving to Patterson.

    That's a done deal already.

    The Governing Body over Jehovah's Witnesses will be moving in from what are now "relatively modest" apartments at Brooklyn where they also get all free services such as maids, cooks and chefs, barber, medical, doctor and nursing care, all-expenses-paid travel etc. They will be getting the same perks but with the additional of sumptuous, luxorious, even paradise-like quarters. They can go to an assembly, convention or international assembly, fly to visit Watchtower facilities in Hawaii or Alaska. While there get wined and dined by adoring Jehovah's Witnesses.

    If not wanting to go far afield, they can take off weekends to lodge at various homes of friends along the lakes in upstate New York etc. Joan Cetnar worked at Bethel during the Nathan Knorr administration and tells of when he used to visit and relax at her parents' home a ways from metro New York. The Watchtower President previous to Knorr was Judge Joseph F. Rutherford who had extra houses, or rather, mansions in California. It would be interesting to research how many others on the Governing Body now have and in the past have had extra homes in metro NYC and elsewhere, wouldn't you agree?

    Some of the Watchtower's top level attorneys live on the backroads not far from Patterson Educational Central but located where they are not easily seen. has satellite photos that show either the houses or adjoining houses. They depict large houses with facilities such as swimming pools. Many say the attorneys run the show for Watchtower these days, especially given their scramble to re-structure the organization to protect its up to a billion dollars a year, its fancy houses and huge numerous buildings, vehicles ranging from an airplane in Alaska to cars for its big-wigs, etc. President Don A. Adams father was an attorney. Rutherford had been an attorney and on a few occasions substituted as a circuit judge.

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