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    I haven't been to a meeting in ages, nor a Memorial in two years.My JW family and friends know it, too.

    They don't seem to care too much. Oh my mom nags me to go to a meeting once in a while, but she doesn't go herself, she's agoraphobic, has serious health problems and listens to meetings on the phone, hasn't been to a convention in a decade. She writes a letter to her sister once a month and counts that as FS as she writes a scripture in there. Whatever. My dad's real religion is golf. He golfs 4 or 5 times a week, with worldly guys or a few of the other Witnesses and loves it. He listens to meetings on the phone too, but is usually playing solitaire on the computer the whole time. LOL

    All of my JW family is that way..none of them are super Witnesses. They still read the Watchtower, so they still get their weekly brainwashing, but they don't do much about being a Witness. I can't remember the last time any of them were out in field service. I think my aunt goes maybe once a month, and she seems to have a Bible study at the moment, but she met that person at a garage sale.

    Where they live most people are LDS anyway, and you can't get anywhere preaching to the LDS. They've had a congregation there for 40 years and never converted one LDS person out of the territory. The Mormons have had two Witnesses convert to Mormonism there, though, mostly because of marriage.

    All the growth there comes from people moving there. One Catholic family converted, but they rarely attend meetings or do FS either as the couple both have serious health problems.

    I'm sure half of most congos are composed of sort of Witnesses. Been my experience anyway. Never been in one where every single member is a gung ho super Witness. Those seem to be the minority in any congo, really. Like any corporation...most of the work done by half of the workers. LOL

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    "Jehovah never existed..There is no Jehovah..................................OUTLAW"

    He lives on Alcyone Outlaw. I'll get you his phone number.

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