Be realistic in 2009! Why Politics will NEVER turn on Religion in our society!

by Witness 007 26 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • out4good3

    Further.....if Jah is going to, as they always fall back on,put it in the hearts of men to cause politicians and the Un to turn against religion then what's the point in waiting so long.

    Hell....why even play this game if the deck is stacked.

    This is just one more reason why I regard their puppetmaster Jah as a perverted narcicistic bastard!


    Politics was supposed to turn on religion when I was a kid..........................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • hamsterbait

    IF and it is a very big IF

    the WT is right about the scriptures on this then as the verse says it will be "an astonishing work." and "to what was not related to them, the kings of the earth will have to turn their attention."

    If this IS actually what God plans to do it will happen, in a way we dont expect.

    But we are talking the WTBTS here - how many other things they said , came to pass? /why believe this?


  • oompa

    lmao got my bout yours reniaa??..........oompa

    so many are willin to blow themselves up over their belief.....and wt thinks a un proclomation will get all to shut down but dubs????????..stoopid

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Muslim, hindu, buddhist nations all giving up religion...yeah right! Even Christians in America would riot in the streets if anyone tried to ban them going to church.

    The U.N IS SUPPOSED TO SUPPORT HUMAN is not a fascist union, it respects religions and cultures.

  • WTWizard

    The only way politics will turn on religion is if a totalitarian regime takes power. This would have to have zero tolerance for any religion of any kind--and you better believe that the witlesses will be among the first to be hit. This could create quite a crisis, and our freedom would be suspended. Chances are, such a totalitarian society would only last about 25 years, because people without religion are going to think better than those with religion.

    However, this will not happen on a worldwide basis. You could have a totalitarian. zero-tolerance-for-religion government in the United States, but what is that going to do about the Muslim countries or places like Australia? Or, you could ban religion in Brazil and China, but what good would that do if you happen to live in England where religion is still going strong? And, how is the UN going to ban religion? They could issue trade sanctions against any country that doesn't ban religion, but there is going to be someone that is going to break that rule or a non-member that is going to still allow religions. Religion is not going down by political force.

    The only way to bring religion down is to get people in them to start thinking for themselves. Once a Christian realizes that the Bible lies and that Jesus didn't want people following him, there is a good chance that there will be one less Christian. If a Muslim sees that the Quran lies, that means one less Muslim. If everyone in the world sees that, there goes religion. And, if very few people still believe in religion, it will not have enough money to sustain itself, and the church will still go belly up. All the while, the laws can still permit religion--and even give them tax breaks. If people don't contribute, the churches go belly up.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Reniaa: You wanna bet on this witness007?

    Sometimes fulfillment is never how we expect it to happen, and turning on religion could be done slowly and subtly.

    Jews to this day are still waiting for an actual messiah to overthrow rome :)

    Reniaa, you want to bet on fulfilment of 1975 prophecy???

    Iam serious! So what? How much?


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