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  • daniel-p

    Gonna start it again for the summer. Nutrition Plan and everything. Anyone else here on p90x, or ever did it? I was introduced to it by Seeker (who I don't see much around anymore), after he gave it a glowing recommendation. Last summer, I did about 45 days of the full 90 before I had to start school in the Fall. This time, I'll be able to start it earlier in the summer and do the full 90.

    So here are my stats:

    215 lbs (already down from 226 3 months ago--been doing the workouts when I can and generally watching what I eat)

    39.5" waist (this is around the widest part.. I can wear 36" comfortably, but of course they sit lower than my gut)

    5' 11"' tall (obviously this won't change but it gives you an idea of my stature)

    body fat % is somewhere between 13.6% and 16.2% (the difference between my right and left side, respectively)

    My BF% is much better than it was ayear ago. When I first tried p90x it was something like 20%+, so this is great news. All these measurements are taken today, June 13, 2009.

    Muscle measurements (these are "flexed" measurements, not what I'd use for buying clothes):

    Bicep girth = 14" each

    Forearm girth = 11.5" each (this is something I want to improve significantly)

    Thigh girth = 22" each, taken halfway on the femur

    Calf girth - 16" each

    Chest = 43"

    Neck = 16"

    I'll update this thread and let you know when I start, and update regularly to keep myself motivated. Any words of encouragement are welcome!

  • oompa

    you could have at least let us know what p90x is.....i never heard of it.......but will google it i guess...........oompa

    ok i googled it.....lots of info....i liked the REVIEWS site........people like it but DAMM it sound grueling.........

  • BurnTheShips

    never heard of it.

  • cattails

    I'm kinda odd:

    bust 31

    waist 25

    hips 29

    (Oh, and I'll admit, I was flexing :-)

  • watson

    You are a tiny thing, aren't you?

  • greenhornet
  • daniel-p

    Ok, this will sound a bit corny, but p90x is an "extreme home fitness program." You might have seen their ads on TV. I was very skeptical at first, but with a big recommendation from Seeker, I looked into it. Come to find out, there are no gimmicks, just an awesome all-inclusive fitness program that will kick your ass.

    The program is split up into phases, and each phase covers a few weeks or a month or so. Every day of the week you do a different workout, most an hour long each, from weight-training to cardio to yoga to kickboxing to pilates-style stuff, and more. It incorporates muscle confusion, so your body doesn't get used to the workouts. The full version is 90 days. There's only one day a week with a break, and that may still include some kind of low-impact stretching routine or whatever.

    The program includes a nutrition plan. I was very skeptical about the nutrition plan, but it's actually an awesome plan with great recipes. If you follow the recipes and meal plans exaclty, you'll eat like a king. It just takes a lot of time to prepare all the meals every single day, so we'll often just use a simplified meal plan based on portions of carbs, proteins, fats, etc. The Nutrition Plan recipe booklet has actually become part of our regular cooking library; it has great recipes even if you're not looking for an ultra-healthy option.

    Anyway, if any of you are interested in losing weight and you already have a degree of fitness, I'd highly recommend this.

  • mkr32208

    Friend of mine has it and loves it...

  • androb31

    I've done it 1 full time (full 90 days) and have also done it for a month here and a month there ever since. Been planning to start from the beginning again soon. It works just like they show on the infomercial if you stick to it. I didn't even stick to the nutrition 100% and went from 189 lbs and 20%+ bodyfat, down to 169 lbs and 9-10% bodyfat in 90 days and was in incredible shape. I'm 5'9" tall btw.

  • Elsewhere

    I tried it and I have to admit it kicked my ass after two weeks. P90X is seriously intense. Anyone who can keep up with it will defiantly end up movie-star-ripped after the 90 days.

    I've scaled it back to suit myself and am proud to say that I can now do 3 - 4 free hanging pull ups.

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