Mediator for Great Crowd?

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  • waiting

    We all remember, kinda, that comment. It was from a '50's Watchtower and was dealing with apostates.

    The gist was that in ancient Israel, apostates were killed. And the Society said it was rather a shame that the law wouldn't let true Christians continue the death practice nowadays.

    We're such a Christian group, now aren't we?

  • RedhorseWoman

    Well, since killing apostates would be frowned upon, perhaps the WTBTS could just cut out their tongues. (ick)

  • waiting

    Redhorse - you are so evil - and enjoy it so much!!

    I believe the Society is trying to cut the tongues of any person questioning them - look at our new articles.

    And keeping their followers deaf, dumb and blind.

    Go to the new post and tell us about your horse and you......

  • snowbird


    I bumped up this thread because 7 years ago it was threads like these that really got me to thinking.

    I tried to shrug off my misgivings with the WTS, but they kept coming with greater urgency. Isn't it amazing how nothing has changed with them? They need to repent in sackcloth and ashes for their part in stumbling so many good people.


  • moshe

    You are right, nothing has changed with JW's. They have a new group every year who figure out something is wrong with the wacktower society and begin their trek through the wilderness towards spiritual freedom.

  • bioflex

    I have always had a problem with JW's for not acknowledging Jesus, i mean they always say christians should pray ONLY to Jehovah in Jesus' name. From what i have i observed about them, they treat Jesus like someone they can equate themselves to, which is very serious cos Jesus is supposed to be our mediator and intercessor ( Jehovah > Jesus < Man).

    No man on earth has ever seen God, we only know Jesus his son, and he is the one we should be looking to, so that he would in turn plead on our behalve.

    Just imagine how you would feel if you had a very wealthy father, and this poor fellow u introduced to your father (because u wanted to help him) now want to get rid of you and deal with your father directly . i bet u will be angry, so guess what Jesus would feel about all JW's who have been thought to ignore and disrespect him.

    Jesus himself said in Joh_14:14 If you ask anything in My name, I will do it. so where from that JW crap that u cant pray to Jesus.?

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