Were you a good witness in school?

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  • oompa

    holy crap nowman and wobble..you were just like me!....i started my double life in third grade.....mabe first if you count me making christmas wreaths out of coat hangers, plastic bags, and spraypainting them green.......i ALWAYS hid i was a jw.....i guess i never was i did not like not fitting in........

    and keezer....your story made me sad........that feeling of never measuring up sucks.....i felt it more as a dub than at school.......as i LOVED school......i could be myself and forget jw land.......plus i loved the chicks......lol

    also...since my older sis was dfd at 16 as a rebel.....my elder dad decided to be VERY permissive with me...less strict..... and i got to play three sports.....very rare for an elders son......plus i got to go to the prom with my WORLDY GF BABE!!!

    so no....i guess i was not a good witness in school as i never said i was one.....oh...and this was funny.....there was a jw in my homeroom that i did not know was a dub.....nor she me....one girl used to love sitting in my lap and flirt...damm i was lucky........anywho the jw was in the "black" hall on the other side of town.......and there was only one back then.....she visited our "white" hall one time and OMG....when she saw me in the lobby....she yelled out "Good Lord...you are a witness"....i headed for the exit...........oompa

  • Nosferatu

    Elementary school through grade 7, I was a good JW kid. I didn't preach, but I let them know my religion. I also envied the JW kids at the hall who could start a bible study with their classmates. I couldn't get my classmates past "You don't celebrate Christmas? You're weird."

    Grade 7 put my faith in Jehovah to the test. I was kicked and beat up daily because of being a JW, wearing clothes that made me, a follower of Jehovah "stand out", and I didn't fight back because Jehovah's people do not participate in violence. All of this would happen in front of the teachers, and they would do nothing. I also knew that if I said anything to anybody, I would get beat up even worse.

    I would pray to Jehovah on what became an hourly basis (some days less) for him to give me the strength and endurance to make it through another school day. Jehovah rewarded me by giving me a bad case of PTSD. I would shake uncontrollably throughout the day and especially at my locker, when kids would walk by and randomly kick me. I was a complete wreck.

    After that awful year, I got myself a girlfriend. My faith also started to fall by the wayside in the forecoming years. It really started to crumble when I was in grade 10. The Math teacher seemed to know that I was going through a personal crisis, and he allowed me the freewill to decide if I would stay in class for the national anthem or leave and join the other JW kids. I wish I could thank him for the understanding, but he's dead now :(

    After grade 10, I switched schools. I told NOBODY that I was a JW and had the freewill to live my double life. The only time I saw JWs from my school was at the convention. None of them were in my congregation, and they seemed to just leave me be since they knew I didn't want to be a JW.

    After I turned 18 and left home, I abandoned the whole thing.

  • Satanus

    Reading the many bad experiences here that people had as kids in their attempts to follow the direction from the wt corp and considering my own experiences in being a good dub kid, it brings me to the conclusion that the goon bastards, i mean the governating body must want young jws to suffer. They gooney bastards are responsible for the abuse that young jws experience. They deliberately put their young members into harmful situations. They are basically, irresponsible child abusers.


  • SacrificialLoon

    Yes I was a good little JW. I gave the little blue brochure with the depressed looking kid on the front to my teachers. I didn't stand for the anthem or pledge, didn't do after school activities, or holiday things. I never tried to start any biblestudies at school, but when asked I nervously explain JW beliefs. There was also the teasing and other abuse from the other kids. About the 6th grade things got bad, and I went to a psychologist. I was diagnosed with social anxiety, and depression (gee I wonder why) , and put on imipramine. I eventually stopped taking the imipramine, but I was still a nervous wreck through the rest of high school.

    There was always a part of me that wanted to be normal, but I figured that was just satan tempting me.

    Even if I wasn't a JW I doubt I would've been Mr. popular captian of the football team, but atleast I would've been able to have a normal and happy childhood.

    What's done is done, and cannot be undone I suppose.

  • Nowman

    It was so difficult being a kid & being a JW! By the time I was in 4th grade, I had gone to 5 different schools do the elders advising my mom that we should go back to our abusive father/husband. When it got bad, mom & I would go, that meant changing schools. I longed to be normal secretly in that aspect, to just stay put. I led a double life from the standpoint of girlfriends & boys...I just loved my friends at school...and the boys too-LOL.

    I joined facebook recently, and found so many of the girls I went to school with, and their response back to me on average was "where have you been"? I can't tell you how much that means to me...but these worldy people I went to school with actually someway helped me get out of the org young too...

    After freshman year of HS, my parents had me home schooled...it actually made my life easier...at least until I could escape!


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