Leaked New Songs 139-142

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  • toweragent


    I don't know if anybody has seen this (or if anybody cares). But it seems that some of the "new" New Songs have been leaked by somebody at Bethel.

    Just a bit of a warning, do not click on that Vocal Rendition of Song 142... it is awful. (Just when you thought the music couldn't get any worse!)

    I'll admit... I do like some of the classic tunes, and the Victory Song (171, 132) has a gritty melody that I really like; but these tunes are just terrible... As if being a JW wasn't embarrassing enough!


  • EndofMysteries

    Leaked new songs? You're way behind, I got the scoop on the new song book!

    Featuring the soon to be hits such as,

    1. Listen, Obey, and be Blessed!

    2. Worship the Governing Body During Youth

    3. The Governing Body begin their rule.

    4. Loyally Submitting to the Governing Body's Order

    5. We Thank You, Governing Body

    6.Praise the Governing Body for their Kingdom

    and much more!

  • Splash
    Number 1 in your list has been released (song 120), so I can't wait for the rest!
  • WTWizard
    It would be nice to be able to copy Led Zeppelin IV onto this crap. I would rather listen to something like Black Dog, Four Sticks, The Battle of Evermore, Stairway to Heaven instead of listening to Kingdumb maladies. And, when they put the disc into the player, much to their horror when Stairway to Heaven starts.
  • _Morpheus
    Lol wtwizard.. The sad part is some of the pompous prayers would outlast stairway
  • wifibandit

    It was Leaked on the exjw sub reddit and on this site first


    Full Set: http://imgur.com/a/4XL77

    For PDF Use Key: UYqNBqYEULuRxZVvVUo2IQ


  • cappytan
    I seriously thought that The Life of a Pioneer was a parody. SMH
  • _Morpheus


    i thought it was a parody too..

  • respectful_observer
    This "Pioneer" song is just plain....odd.
  • _Morpheus
    The more i look at it, this would piss me off if i were still a dedicated dubbie... I wasted a few min looking at the words and they should apply to ALL witnesses, not just piosneers. How dare they glorify 70 hours a month over 69. What a fraud! All about the tittle of pioneer and they arnt even hiding it....

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