To Mouthy and All Here

by believingxjw 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • poppers

    Gee whiz, mouthy. Now everytime I see a granny driving I'll wonder if it's you; I'll be thinking, "When is she gonna hang those boobs out?"

  • mouthy

    Hang around St Patrick St!!!! You NEVER KNOW!!!!

  • Scott77

    Scott> Let me tell you I pray for ALL JWs all the time.
    I love them ALL. I had nothing to do with our new member.... It is the LORD!! HONEST!!
    I DO get some prayers answered NOT ALL
    But this newbie is being taught by the Teacher >>>THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!
    But thanks for thinking I have that power ( mouthy)


    You are a humble human being. You gave credit to the LORD. That speaks volume to your character and candor. what a far contrast to Teddy Jaracz! The presese of mouthy on JWN without question, is a refreshing time to all of us and the new ones who will read her previous posts. Once again, thank you mouthy.


  • mouthy

    Oh Scott what a very kind expression of me..I really am not as nice as all think HONEST!!
    But you know me... Takes all the KUDO's I get..Thank you so much

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