Austrian Branch Participating in Interfaith Discussion

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  • cabasilas

    Do you think Walter SchneeweiƟ distributed copies of "The End of False Religion is Near" to the other delegates?

  • hamsterbait

    The reason none of the JWS will speak up is because they can only have heard of it on NON JW websites (apostates)

    Bearing in mind the very real REIGN OF TERROR the Borg has promulgated over the last few years, nobody in the congos will even admit knowledge of this.

    BTW they have also been involved woth interfaith actions with the mormons and scientologists and others in Eastern states.


  • GermanXJW

    Here is another picture of the event:

    "And I caught sight of a woman sitting upon a scarlet-colored wild beast" (Revelation 17:4)

    "At one table a lie is what they will keep speaking. But nothing will succeed." (Daniel 11:27)

  • DeanOs

    Cabasalis... HEhehehe .. you crack me up I'm sure he did . . . n o t !

  • reniaa

    erm doesn't the austrian government count as a government? we have to respect laws of governments biblically and this is to establish your religion in the country by the governments call do they have any choice then?


  • cabasilas

    Actually, I think it's a good thing the JWs are doing this. But, it's definitely a contradiction to their beliefs. They believe all other religions are under the control of Satan. That being the case, they had two options for this meeting:

    1) Decline on attending. But perhaps their presence was required by the government?

    2) Instead of calmly participating in the meetings, the JW representative should have witnessed to them.

    Sitting in and participating in the meetings and not witnessing to the others was a "compromise" in JW terms.

    I mean, can you imagine the prophet Daniel attending a meeting of religious leaders in Babylon and acting as an "equal" with them? Wouldn't Daniel have preached against the Babylonish religious leaders?

  • reniaa

    Look up Paul having to ask mercy from the roman government and deal with the romans. there was no witnessing involved and the roman government was the equivalent of the UN to Paul. lol he would have been flamed by that by those on here oooOO

  • cabasilas

    But, we're talking religious leaders here. This was not a case that the JW representative had to discuss legal issues with the government. This was a meeting where the JW leader sat with other religious leaders and discussed the theme of "dialogue about the cohesion of the Austrian society in which things in common should be emphasized and not seperating things." A big difference!

  • GermanXJW

    The reason for the meeting was some campaigning for the European elections by the extreme right that focussed on Christianity.


  • TheOldHippie

    What's the big deal? For years, they have participated in discussions and seminars on WWII, religious persecutions today etc., be it orchestrated by institutions, governments or UN. It is simply a way of presenting themselves, showing who they are, and clearing up misunderstandings - and thus pave the way for understanding and avoidance of presecution or misconceptions. They are registered at the governments, they receive funding in some European countries, they are tax exempt etc. - so should they stay completely outside society and risk constant harassment? In my work, I have contact with clergy and with government officials - that is not the moment of witnessing, even if topics are discussed which relate to my faith, it is business meetings and organizational procedures. The Austrian branch is not interested in being presecuted, and like Paul uses all the channels they feel they can, to make themselves heard and seen in the picture. I don't the Austrian branch official tried to hide himself more than did some of the others in the picture, he was just placed in the rear.

    Big attempt at making fuzz over nothin'

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