vultures are the only breed of bird on the increase ready for armageddon!

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  • jamiebowers

    There as a post on JWs recently that said this rumour went around years ago and keeps coming back.

  • Plummet

    Around Here it is "Look the number of Crows is increasing Getting ready to fatten up at Armageddon"

  • ablebodiedman
  • cameo-d

    It is a sin what man has allowed to happen to the sweet creatures.

    Several years ago, my friends and I saw a bird sitting on the shoreline and the tide was coming in around it. The bird was alive but did not move. Someone picked the bird up out of the water and moved it to a dry spot. The bird just sat there until the water came upon it again.

    Someone said it was because the bird had been feeding on garbage from behind a restaurant. Was the food tainted or spoiled? Was it too high in fat? Did the bird not have any sense of knowing when to stop eating?

    I don't know. But humans are responsible for the carelessness of changing the diets and habitats of many creatures. And it is all to their demise.

    The birds of armageddon are not these creatures. The birds of armageddon are symbolic and represent something else.

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