Paul Did Not Accept Jesus as Sacrifice of Salvation

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  • mkr32208

    To embrace the teachings of Paul is to reject the fundamental teachings of Christ...

    Paul was CLEARLY the first legalistic apostate to the stated views of jesus. No sane person (that automatically rules out christians) could look at the legalistic hateful ramblings of this maniac and reconcile that with the inclusive all accepting views of jesus. That is why religions like the JW's base so much of their belief systems on his teachings. He was a real asshole... Jesus would have never had any association with that man or any others of his ilk... I mean KILLING people for not donating money? Perfect example of what happens when you put a jewish lawyer in charge! lol...

  • Pistoff

    1. While the WT maintains that Paul was not wrong to go along with continuing sacrifices and to accompany the young men to the temple to take vows, the fact is that Paul played both sides of the street to save his hide; this is understandable, but it is not really honest to say Paul did nothing wrong. Paul's stance was probably confusing, and if modern day Witnesses equivocated like Paul did, they would be accused of apostasy.

    2. Accepting Jesus as the ransom is ALL Paul has to do with Jesus; he is COMPLETELY UNINTERESTED in Jesus' life or teachings. Paul NEVER mentions Jesus' miracles, even though he wrote Corinthians before the gospels. If the miracles were true, or if Paul believed them, why does he not present them as proof of Jesus' place in God's arrangement?

    Paul appears to have Gnostic leanings at times, and presents Jesus not as a contrarian preacher but as the central figure in a cosmic struggle between good and bad. This idea has a lot in common with apocalyptic groups present before, during and after the life of Jesus.


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