Prince Needs Hip Surgery. Doesn't want it, then wants it, doesn't want it and now wants it.

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  • Yizuman


    Prince: So Hip He Needs Two New Ones

    Tuesday, June 09, 2009
    Music / By Roger Friedman
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    was on the prowl again last night, making an unscheduled appearance at the Apollo Theater’s 75th anniversary celebration to toast Patti LaBelle.

    But the real buzz on Prince is that his much reported hip problems of the past have now turned into need for a double hip replacement.

    Unfortunately, thanks to his practice as a Jehovah’s Witness, Prince still refuses surgery. JW’s don’t believe in blood transfusions.

    “He’s in a lot of pain,” said a source who was backstage with him last night at the Apollo. “He’s popping pain killers and hoping it will all go away.”

    But it won’t. Back in 2005 reports surfaced that Prince needed one hip replaced. He declined. Then again in 2007 and 2008 came more reports that he’d finally agreed to “secret surgery.”

    Now the diminutive R&B star is walking with a diamond-studded stick to keep him upright. It’s the same stick I saw him with two nights ago at a post-Tony Awards bash. I’m sure he’d rather have a Raspberry beret or a little red Corvette, but for now Prince is stuck with the stick.

    The question is: if it gets worse, will he go to a wheelchair?

  • Brocephus

    If only Brutha Prince would have come to know Jehovah earlier he could have been spaired from all of this. He would have learned that all of that hump, and bumping and meaningless fornicating was really him bringing on God's Jehovah's judgment of old man worn out hips on this soul as punishment. I guess the sisters have one more thing to look forward to in the new system: Prince with some fresh hips! Watchout!

  • insearchoftruth

    Well why should he worry about the surgery.....the end is so near and brother Prince will be restored to perfect health.......

    This will be very cruel sounding, but a surgical problem where Prince needs blood and either takes it or does not take it and happens to have complications or passes would create an amazing buzz.....

  • Gregor

    Are you saying he has worn out his hips from doing the horizontal mambo? Hard to believe. I would think it is from all the performing/dancing at the professional level.

    Second question. Does hip surgery involve a lot of blood loss?

  • insearchoftruth

    Second question. Does hip surgery involve a lot of blood loss

    If it is at all similar to knee even if that were the case, I have read all over the WT that Jehoober will watch out for jehooberites.

  • snowbird
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Prince should talk to our friend Danny Hazard. Years ago when Danny was just a youngster, her had a bowel problem.

    Danny was advised to "wait on Jehovah" so that he could attain physical perfection in Paradise, which was then due "any day now."

    Danny waited, and thanks to Jehovah's unfailing faithfulness, today Danny has no bowel and is fitted with a colostomy appliance.

    You'll be happy to know that the theocratic pinheads who offered such sound advice are doing just fine, thank you. THEIR bowels were never at risk, you see.

    Hallelujah! Thank you, Jehovah!

    Prince would do well to emulate Danny's theocratic perseverance. with luck, in just a few years Prince may find himself reduced to a head on a box.

    Many are the wonders awaiting those who faithfully wait on paradise! AMEN!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Maybe Prince can title his next album "Ain't Got 2 B 2 hip 4 U"

    I *love* his command of ebonics.

  • Brocephus

    The WT would be wise to exploit this once in a millenium opportunity. If Bro. Prince dies refusing a blood tranfusion he can become the new Messiah. They could publish a Watchtower article saying the end will not come till Bro. Prince (who we found out was annoited) takes the Axe of the Holiness and defeats Satan in an epic guitar battle in the clouds. They could then have the psychic Jon Edwards re-write the bible in a druken stupor. After which they can spin ancient prophies orginally written about events that happend 3,000 years ago into applying to current times. Come on the WT can milk this for another 400 years if they milk this right. Jehoobah knew he'd turn into the saviour that's why he named him Prince!

    **Response to post below me: Ofcourse.. That is why Prince changes his name, the symbol really meant "Michael". **

  • insearchoftruth

    Michael returned to earth as prince, not Jesus??? Is that why the Bible says the Prince of Peace....the bible said so, it must be true, he even sang a song about doves, and doves symbolize peace, don't they....Little Red Corvette, is that the scarlet beast?

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