How ZEALOUS a JW were you?

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  • verystupid77

    I was extremely zealous and I got nothing for it. I am somewhat offended by those on this thread that said you do it for the name and glory you get out of it. I did not do it for that reason, in fact I would auxiliary pioneer and not turn in my slip just put in the hours. I truly felt this was the true religion and that the system was going to end, that people were going to die.

    I would get to upset and hurt by the other pioneers who just wanted to drive around aimlessly and count time. I was like we have got to talk to people to save their lives.

    I was just so stupid. vs77

  • snowbird

    I was zealous to a fault.

    I walked long distances to make return visits and conduct "Bible" studies.

    I foolishly thought everyone else in the KH felt the same way as I did.

    Boy, were my eyes opened!


  • gubberningbody

    I'll take on the challenge to vanity by suggesting that it is a necessary thing for a person to be "vain" to be good at anything.

    You can't be "zealous" without it. It's the definition of zealotry that you are vain and self-absorbed.

    Yes, I was as much as I could have been. I thought I was doing the right thing. I was raised Catholic, went to parochial school, was an altar boy, served at countless masses, (one funeral - I hated those) and weddings (actually only two).

    I later became an atheist, and then came in contact w/JW's. I was certain they were wrong, and then I convinced myself that it was right. A year after I got baptized I was appointed an MS and started to regular pioneer while I was working full-time. I did that for 15 years. I was appointed an elder and through my experiences in all this finally ended up here.

    It's a life-cycle. I don't look back on anything I've done or experienced in life and imagine that "I was stupid" or that I would have done things differently. That's a waste of time and it would be a lie as well. I am what I am and the person I am would have made those decisions over and over again in much the same way - the details might have been different, but the end game and experiences I had and have had would have amounted to the same thing.

    It's not destiny, but it is integrity. I have discovered who I am and what my strengths and weaknesses are in all this. It has led me to the inevitable conclusion that "God", whoever or whatever he may be is not really concerned that anyone know the truth right now and that we are all just being processed through. I simply cannot accept anything other than universal salvation at this point. Anything less than this makes God a tyrant and a monster.

  • ex-nj-jw

    Zealous? No, hell I couldn't wait to turn18 so I get the hell out of there. This was my parents religion and I wanted nothing to do with it.


  • rockmehardplace

    Zealous? No. Not to the degree most around me were or are. I put on a good show though. You could sell tickets to my show.

  • wobble

    AK-Jeff's story is my story,as far as I can see, I was 7 or 8 a lot of my life. I did extra stuff that nobody else did, street witnessing before it was advocated by the Borg,(for years I was the only one in our Congo, who did it ) evening witnessing,Saturday afternoons, and I encouraged others to join me.

    I too went inactive for a while (18 months ?) in the early eighties, over lack of love, and lack of commitment, many seemed to be just marking time, not marching.

    I didn't believe in the closeness of Armageddon, and that was never my motive for serving, I just wanted people to know God.

    Little did I realise that I did not know God,

    sad thing is , it took me until spring 2008 to walk away.



  • chickpea

    if zealous amounted to
    making every meeting,
    studying for every meeting
    having four kids enrolled in
    the TMS, doing family study,
    reading the day text daily,
    making every DC/CA, out in service,
    hosting the congro book study,
    aux pio, blah blah blah....
    yeah, i was zealous to a degree

  • mindmelda

    I was zealous for God, but not for the WTS! I would discuss the Bible with people for hours, never count the time. I would do it spontaneously. I never cared for the regimen of meetings or field service.

    I was a lousy JW because I hate corporate rules, and they have tons of them. I hated conventions too. I can't sit for that long, it's torture.

    But, I always loved God, even as a small child, before the JWs came to my house when I was 10 and studied with us. I was so curious, wanted to learn. I wish some other faith had got to me first, seriously! I'd probably be a pastor or a Christian counselor in any other faith.

  • jamiebowers

    I auxillary pioneered right after baptism until I was approved as a regular pioneer within a few months. I was very zealous, because I thought I had the truth and just loved talking to people. I still do. Plus I was young, healthy and happy that I finally had my family's approval. Once an older sister who suffered with incontinence actually peed herself, because I refused to get back in her car until I finished the street we were working. She should've left my stupid, zealous ass there!

  • dogon

    Just enough to keep me from being DFed or associated.

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