How Many Here Text? Anyone Text While Driving?

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  • Elsewhere

    Taxi drivers scare the hell out of me. I've ridden in quite a few in my life and I have NEVER seen one who was a good driver. They are always all over the road and can never maintain their lane.

    I hate to tell a man his job but when we're driving down the freeway halfway into another lane I have to speak up!

    There was one guy who was reaching for food and a drink with his left hand while driving with his right hand... he kept reaching again and again and every time he would almost twist out of his seat as he reached for the food and drink in the middle console all the while swerving in and out of his lane.

  • beksbks

    Evidently Scott77 does not text

  • Scott77

    Its sometimes called DWT borrowed from that infamous DWI


  • Brocephus

    I am bad about texting every woman in my phone book (including MOM) how much I love her at 3am everytime I get drunk. Anyone else have that problem. I have to make my friends promise to take my phone and not return it till the next day.

  • beksbks

    I do not have that problem. I have no idea who all the women in your phone book are, and would never text them anyway.

  • Scott77

    Sent33 minutes ago
    TitleProblem Posting
    MessageHi Simon,

    I cannot post any message or start a new topic. When I type in the message thread, then click submit, the message does not appear on the board. Please,what is the problem? I am really concerned and frustrated. My username appear but not the message.


    [my real name removed]

    Many thanks beksbks for your concern. I was unable to post messages today. Not sure what was the problem. I lost my well researched responses this morning. After restarting my computer, everything come back to normal. The above is the msg I sent to Simon to find out. Not sure if he had blocked me before or not. It was really wierd and frustrating.


  • beksbks

    Scott, are you using Firefox?

  • BurnTheShips
    How Many Here Text? Anyone Text While Driving?

    *raises hand*

    II am bad about texting every woman in my phone book (including MOM) how much I love her at 3am

    You wait far too long to reach that state. Beks is there by about 8:00 PM PST on weekdays, you can set your clock by it.


  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll

    I don't text while I Drive.

  • doofdaddy

    In my clubbing days, I was known to send illegible txts.

    Hmmm I wonder why?

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