Favorite Cult Movies

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  • stillajwexelder

    Kill Bill vol 1 and 2

    Monty Python Meaning of Life

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    What's a cult movie?

  • beksbks

    A cult film (also known as a cult movie/picture or a cult classic) is a film that has acquired a highly devoted but specific group of fans. [ 1 ] Often, cult movies have failed to achieve fame outside of the small fanbases; however, there have been exceptions that have managed to gain fame among mainstream audiences. Many cult movies have gone on to transcend their original cult status and have become recognized as classics; others are of the "so bad it's good" variety and are destined to remain in obscurity. Cult films often become the source of a thriving, obsessive, and elaborate subculture of fandom, hence the analogy to cults. However, not every film with a rabid fanbase is necessarily a cult film. Usually, cult films have limited but very special, noted appeal. Cult films are often known to be eccentric and do not follow traditional standards of mainstream cinema and usually explore topics not considered in any way mainstream—yet there are examples that are relatively normal. They are often considered controversial because they step outside standard narrative and technical conventions known. [ 2 ]

  • oompa

    Young Frankenstein of course.....plus rocky horror pic show......fargo...oompa

  • beksbks

    This is kind of a cool list

    1. This Is Spinal Tap (1984) "It's such a fine line between stupid...and clever."
      "He died in a tragic gardening accident... Authorities said... it's best to leave it... unsolved."
    2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
      "Hi, my name is Brad Majors..." (Asshole!) "...this is my fiancee, Janet Weiss." (Slut!)
    3. Freaks (1932)
      "Gobble gobble, gobble gobble... We accept her... One of us, one of us..."
    4. Harold and Maude (1971)
      Harold: "You sure have a way with people."
      Maude: "Well, they're my species!"
    5. Pink Flamingos (1972)
      "Filth are my politics! Filth is my life."
    6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
      "Hey, Grampa, we're gonna let you have this one!"
    7. Repo Man (1984)
      "Let's go get sushi and not pay!"
    8. Scarface (1983)
      "Shay 'jello to my wittle vrend!"
    9. Blade Runner
      "Wake up. Time to die."
    10. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
      "Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'."
    11. Five Deadly Venoms (1978)
    12. Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)
      "All you of Earth are IDIOTS!"
      "Greetings, my friends. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember, my friends, future events such as these will affect you in the future."
    13. Brazil (1985)
      "That is your receipt for your husband...and this is my receipt for your receipt."
    14. Eraserhead (1977)
      (A pervasive hiss of unsettling white noise.)
    15. Faster, Pussy-Cat! Kill! Kill! (1966)
      "Honey, we don't like nothing soft. Everything we touch is hard."
    16. The Warriors (1979)
      "Warriors come out to plaaay." or
      "Can...you...dig it?"
    17. Dazed and Confused (1993)
      "That's what I love about these high school girls, man: I get older, they stay the same age."
    18. Hard-Boiled (1992)
      "There's no room for failure now. The innocent must die!"
      "Give a guy a gun, he thinks he's Superman. Give him two and he thinks he's God."
    19. Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn (1987)
      "Groovy" or
      "I'll swallow your soul!"
      "Let's head on down into that cellar and carve ourselves a witch."
    20. The Mack (1973)
      "We can settle this like you got some class, or we can get into some gangster s---."
    21. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)
      "I know you are, but what am I? Infinity!"
      "There's a lot of things about me you don't know anything about, Dottie, things you wouldn't understand, things you couldn't understand."
    22. Un Chien Andalou (1928, France)
      (It's a silent movie, but shrieks and gasps can often be heard in the audience."
    23. Akira (1988)
    24. The Toxic Avenger (1985)
      "They're going to nuke the monster!"
    25. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
      "What is this, Wonka, some kind of fun house?"
      "Why? Having fun?"
    26. Stranger Than Paradise (1984) "It's Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and he's a wild man, so bug off!"
    27. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
      "They kill for one reason: They kill for food!"
    28. The Wiz (1978) "Ease on down the road."
    29. Clerks (1994) "I'm not even supposed to be here today."
    30. The Harder They Come (1973) "Don'... f--- ... wit' ... me."
    31. Slap Shot (1977)
      "Old-time hockey!"
    32. Re-Animator (1985)
      "You steal the secret of life and death, and here you are trysting with a bubbleheaded coed!"
    33. Grey Gardens (1976) "In dealing with me, the relatives didn't know that they were dealing with a staunch character...S-T-A-U-N-C-H."
    34. The Big Lebowski (1998) "The Dude abides."
    35. Withnail and I (1987) "I demand to have some booze!"
    36. Showgirls (1995) "I'm not a whore, I'm a dancer!"
    37. A Bucket of Blood (1959) "I've never seen anything like it before...and I hope I never see anything like it again."
    38. They Live (1988)
      "I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass...I'm all out of bubble gum."
    39. The Best of Everything (1959) "Here's to men! Bless their clean-cut faces and dirty little minds!"
    40. Barbarella (1968) "I'd better adjust my tongue box."
    41. Heathers (1989) "Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast or something?"
      "Hey Ram, doesn't this cafeteria have a no-fags-allowed rule?"
    42. Rushmore (1998) "She's my Rushmore, Max."
    43. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) "...No matter where you go, there you are."
      "Laugh-a while you can Monkey-Boy!!"
    44. Love Streams (1984) "Life is a series of suicides, divorces, promises broken, children smashed, whatever."
    45. Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (1987) "I will not wear that hip-hugger thing. Mother. It makes me look really fat."
    46. Aguirre, The Wrath of God (1972) "I am the Wrath of God!"
    47. Walking and Talking (1996) "Do we really have to listen to this vagina music all the way there?"
    48. The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years (1988) "I'm the happiest son-ofabitch, motherf---er there ever was."
    49. Friday (1995) "It's Friday... You ain't got s--- to do."
    50. Faces of Death, Vol. 1 (1978) "Banned in 46 countries!" (Tagline)
  • Elsewhere

    Fight Club

    The most incredible movie ever made.

    Ironically my next favorite movie is Ghandi.

  • villabolo

    The Attack of the Killer Tomatos,

    Dr Strangelove,

    Dawn of the Dead,

    The Omega Man,

    Soylent Green,

    Planet of the Apes

  • truthseekeriam


    I'm with you My son and I love all those Classic Thrillers.

    Vertigo and Rear Window are two of my favorites.

  • drwtsn32

    LOL @ Pink Flamingos. My wife loves John Watters movies. I was so disturbed by them at first, but I've become desensitized. I'm not so sure that's a good thing.

  • HintOfLime

    Aww, someone beat me to Attack of the Killer Tomatos.

    There is High Strung, but good luck finding it anywhere other than bittorent.

    I'll also throw in A Scanner Darkly and Men at Work if they're not out there already.

    - Lime

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