Casting Out Nines

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  • Emmylou

    I have a little paperback book by Isaac Asimov on math that I would be lost without. I have had it for a very long time (30yrs or more). He explained math so even I could understand. That was part of his genius explaining things so the average person could grasp mathematical problems. That little book always rescued me when having math problems at work. Also he did comparisons on measurements which always was a good reference source. I am moving and have it packed so cannot give the title.

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    Nope - you totally lost me there Sylvia


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    That was part of his genius explaining things so the average person could grasp mathematical problems


    That means I must be below average!!!!!!!!!!

  • caliber

    Snowbird you got me on anything to do with "casting out nines "

    but 9 is always a troublesome number anyway .....

    Nine is, without doubt, the most troublesome number in etymology. Phrases of uncertain parentage that include 'nine' are 'cloud nine' and the infamous 'whole nine yards'. To those we can add 'dressed to the nines'.

    Numerous attempts have been made to associate the number nine with clothing and so to explain the phrase's derivation. One theory has it that tailors used nine yards of material to make a suit (or according to some authors, a shirt). The more material you had the more status, although nine yards seems generous even for a fop.

  • Dagney

    Oooh...I love it snowbird!

    I was a crazy math lover, never did the homework, skated by with my classroom tests...besides, the end was coming in 3 years.

    Marking that to play with later.

  • snowbird

    Oh! No wonder I lost you, Emo.

    I forgot to mention that you must first attach zeros to the multiplicand to correspond with the number of digits in the multiplier.

    For example, 25 = 2 zeros, 250 = 3 zeros, 2500 = 4 zeros.

    All clear now?

    Caliber, I've never liked the number 9! Can't explain why, but it gives me the willy-nillys.

    Dagney, one of Spike Lee's relative was a math teacher at the school I attended. He noted my aptitude for numbers and offered to take me under his wings. I was too shy to accept his offer.


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    All clear now?

    It took me 15 minutes to work it out but yes, I got it in the end!

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  • kurtbethel

    A relic from the BC era. (Before Calculators)

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