Loving provisions from Groverning body

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  • bobld

    The new field arrangement for Bethel workers.They will not work on Saturdays mornings.Remember how

    the WBTS was pushing that everyone should visit bethel.They even had a special brochure on how one

    should dress when visiting bethel.No doubt some made plans well ahead of time to visit bethel HQ this

    summer only to find all Saturday tours are off.So what happened,the GB writes a letter and in two weeks

    bethel tours are off even for those who already made arrangements.Do you not find that odd,that they

    would shut things down in two weeks?They surely knew of these up coming tours.My guess is they

    got caught with with their pants down breaking employment regulations.Working unsalaried people

    45 hours a week.You can not tell me that they had to make this change in two weeks.Look they knew

    a year in advance when they went to one watchtower and one awake.This is all about money.Reminds

    me of the quick change they made in the donation arragement.Just wondering if this applies only to the USA.


  • DeanOs

    Bob, very VERY interesting indeed!

    I will make a call .. will get back and let you know..!! thanks, so probably I won't be doing my favourite thing come Saturday..

    OhWell! why not watch a that fascinating video ( right ! ) The bore behind the Name.

  • bereanbiblestudent

    If you made arrangements with Bethel for tours they could continue up until September or something like that. But if you made the arrangement with others but not with Bethel than its closed for you.

    This is a worldwide provision.

    Funny thing that they announced it in some congregations last week and it started that week.

  • Lost-In-Translation

    All the changes that have occurred have been done in an odd manner. One month the Kingdom Ministry emphasizes the importance of the Bookstudy arrangement and then a month later the letter was read on a SUNDAY that the Bookstudy would be cancelled and meetings would be reformated. An annoucement like that should have been first read during the Service Meeting - not on a Sunday after the Watchtower Study.

    Regarding the 'no work Saturday' announcement - I believe the European Union is behind the WBTS making the decision. The EU has strict labor laws. Europeans have at a minimum 4 weeks of vacation a year - while in the USA people are fortunate to even get two weeks. Of course the WBTS could not implement a different work schedule for Europe and then require all the other Branches to work on Saturday - so they were forced to cancel Saturday work for everyone.

    The WTBS is going crazy trying to keep control of their Corporations. The "superior authorities" are starting to restrict the free reign they had over their Corporations. The Governments just do not see the Branch offices of JW as places of worship, but as they rightly are - centers of business activity. And as centers of business activity, labor laws must be respected and followed.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Not that this has anything specific to do with this, but I just love how the GB has to remind everyone that their provisions are "loving". Last I checked, if it was loving, you didn't need to be told that it was...

    Not that bethelites care anyway.... They are roll their eyes at that lingo... I promise you that. (".... loving my @$$")

  • Peaches1978

    I just hope that i'm still alive and kicking to see the WTBS come crumbling down and the truth comes out. that way i can scream at my family ... HAHAHAHA, TOLD YA SO......

  • Mattieu

    Hi Bob,

    They just announced on Tuesday night at our hall that the Australian Bethel is adopting the same practice: no work on Saturdays and no tours. Yes the letter mentioned the drivel that this allows them to spend more time in the door to door work and what a loving arrangement from Jehovah! I nearly vomited when my wife recounted the letter to me after she got home from the meeting; it drove me straight to the liquor cabinet!


  • Leprechaun

    This thread reminds me of a “Mind Hump”, as soon as I seen the little catch phrase 'Loving provisions from governing body' it made me want to vomit my guts out. Loving as though they give a chunk of horse pucky about anyone in reality. Like they say: Religion is a Snare and Racket. Duh Duh !!!!

  • AllTimeJeff

    Just to clarify: Tours are being done away with completely, or just on Saturdays?

    Personally, Bethel tours are dumb. On the other hand, I would be remiss not to point out that public tours gave a sense of transparency to the operations their..... I am not suggesting anything, other then it would keep certain activities at Bethel easier to keep under wraps... (Not that I am a conspiracy nut or anything, I already know the GB does a whole lot of shit in secret.....)

  • sir82

    Only Saturday tours are being dropped.

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