Service group overseer says can't put 0 down for me

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  • loosie
    He basically was asking you to lie to him wasn't he? Come up with some time you can justify in your own head and it leaves his hands clean doesn't it?

    I had the PO ask me to lie, indirectly. He said he wouldn't be able to help me unless I was active. He said I know you study with your daughter. And he looked away from my eyes when he said that. I was new to the hall so he know if I studied with my daughter or not. So I just turned in a fake time slip. I have never studied with my daughter.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I would offer a minus figure and see if that works for him.

  • asilentone

    MM, good suggestion! put -1975.

  • Chalam


    All the best,


  • blondie

    Actually, he can't just put down 15 minutes for someone unless the service committee has okayed it....then he will reveal that he is padding the numbers.

    I would just tell him that he has to put zero, because you can't lie to God about it. Ask if he is planning on lying to God about it. I would go and tell another elder that you have no time and that he is trying to get you to lie about.


    Ask him if he more concerned about what men think or God.

  • WTWizard

    SO THAT IS HOW THEY CAN GET 7.1 MILLION WITLESSES? I think it is a good time to make an ultimatum--either put down the zero (and prove that he put down the zero, not a 15 minutes or an hour to count toward more than 7 million witlesses, or face having to write up a S-77 form for your disassociation letter.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    tell him this keeps you "regular"...

    Snakes ()

  • leavingwt

    Before I left, I also tried to report ZERO hours, as that is WHAT I did that month.

    The book study conductor convinced me that "surely, I had SOME time to report". He refused to accurately record my ZERO hours.

    He suggested that he record 15 minutes for me. I agreed.

  • gubberningbody

    I was unusual as a bookstudy/service group overseer...

    I always felt that asking for time was no different than asking for a monetary donation and that was anathema. I told the bros the same and they felt I needed to "shepherd" more. So I did. I got with each person in the group privately, asked them if they really wanted me to bother them about their "time". I explained why I felt this was none of my business and what the bros were pushing and why I felt they were wrong. I told them that I could make it easier on them and easier on me if they would just let me report zeros as the default unless I was otherwise notified. I told them that we were all supposed to be "growing up into the head which is Christ" and that personal responsibility was the direction Jehovah's Chariot was moving them towards (since at the end Jesus hands his Kingdom over to his God). I told them that if they wanted to make use of me as a "personal spiritual trainer", I would be happy to make myself available, but that their dedication was theirs and their relationship w/Jehovah was theirs alone and it was up to them what they would and would not do and I would respect that.

    After that I never had to bother with time again. If it wasn't there it was a zero, but funny thing was I never had to actually report a zero but once. All the other bros were wondering what I'd done to make everyone so regular. I told them that I just shepherd them. (which I did, but not the way they they thought of it)

  • Robert7

    I used to have a Book Study conductor like this. Total numbers guy. He would count infants to make the BS attendance look good. So many people hated that because it was all about numbers and perception and not about the individuals.

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