Service group overseer says can't put 0 down for me

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  • garlic81

    Service group overseer called Thursday before the meeting looking for my May time. He tells me to email it to him and gives me his email address. I email once from my cell, and from my pc when I get home; and I leave a voicemail for him. In all the messages I told him I had no time for May so he'll have to put zero down.

    This morning he leaves a message on my cell saying he can't put zero down because that'll make me irregular and his group will look bad. He asks me to really think if I did at least something and to call him back with the number he should put down for my time.

    So I called and left him another message today and said "I had no time for May so you'll have to put ZERO down". We'll see if I get a call after the meeting.

    He got pissed at me before because he never came around until I didn't turn my time in. One other time when I didn't have any and told him and he said "we really want to keep you regular". I said "why is that so you're group looks good?" I said " why didn't you take an interest at all during the month when you didn't see me out, or call after you never see me out on Saturday's to see if I needed any help getting in the ministry?" All he would say is "we just really want to keep you regular. It's important that you get out." I think it's a number game so he looks good.

  • shopaholic

    You should ask to see your publisher card. He's probably putting down 15minutes or an hour for you. I've known several elders to do that in the past which makes no sense because its just so their group looks good at local congo...individual time is not sent to the branch. The branch has NO clue what you're doing in the ministry.

  • asilentone

    what a crock of shit!

  • Purza

    Its all about appearances.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    He's a dumb ass!

  • garlic81

    The funny thing is the PO, Service Overseer, and secretary don't hound me at all about 0 hours. If I turn in a 0 to the secretary he's fine with it. He says "just so you turn in a slip so I can record it."

  • loosie

    make his little world bright... put down the amount of time you spend on this forum.

  • carla

    He basically was asking you to lie to him wasn't he? Come up with some time you can justify in your own head and it leaves his hands clean doesn't it?

  • shamus100

    It's okay. He'll get used to it when you have zero hours in from now on. Remember, it takes humans a while to cope with change.


    Translation:He wants you to Lie about how much time you spent,preaching the Truth!......................................LOL!!...OUTLAW

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