Monthly Reports on studies???

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  • Lillith26

    I still think the idea of being "reported on" is just plain rude! and even though this practise my have stopped in 07- doesnt make it right does it??? Makes you wonder what was written about you???

    So... anyone want to share something they remember writting in the remarks section??? I would think not!

  • Lillith26

    REMARK: Although "study" is attending regular service meetings, I have some concerns about "study's" 'loose conduct' being that "study" is not yet married and still regularly enjoying the company of "anti-borg".

    REMARK: "study" is progressing well, we have almost completed the "how to sucker you in then keep your ass" book.

    REMARK: I dont know WTF happened! "study" was doing so well and has just terminated the homestudy and wishes to longer be associated with BORG! "study" should be avoided as I fear SATAN had a hand in this! "STUDY" IS AN APOSTATE- RUN AWAY AND TOUCH NOTHING UNCLEAN!!!!!!

  • drwtsn32


    Personally I only think they stopped collecting this due to newer privacy laws in some countries (like the UK).

  • JustHuman14

    they have the usual report that fill your name, what are you studying, and how many times the moth yhey study

  • shopaholic

    A lot of information is also noted on the house-to-house record. For example, if you spoke to someone or left a tract, whatever, you would note down as much info as possible. Some you kept for yourself as RVs and others you would pass on the "brother" taking out the group or aux pioneer to help them with their time. Publishers would often pass their house-to-house records with notes about the person to aux and reg pioneers to followup on any interest found.

    Also, too folks like to show off how familiar they are with the territory, so its common for them to share details about the folks in the area as they work from house to house. So its very possible that they know all about you before they even meet you.

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