I'll pray for u.

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Ok it's no secret my Mother is seriously ill. The neighbors and friends who have grown to love her are constantly asking for updates. At the end of virtually every conversation is stated, I'll pray for her or some other mention of Divine request.

    In the other corner are the multitide of JW's I've known and helped over the years. NO mention of prayers.

    I know it's obvious but the love from Heritics clearly out paces "the friends".

    I'm just annoyed that's all.

  • hubert

    I'm glad to hear the neighbors and friends are being the true Christians. Another strike against the j.w.'s.

    Sorry to hear your Mom isn't doing well. I'll have my wife pray for her also, as I think she has some "special conncections" up there. I'm not kidding. May your Mom find peace in all the love around her.


  • beksbks


  • C. T. Russell
    C. T. Russell

    sigh indeed.

    Never thought about it before but I remember when my mother had a serious accident. She was in the hospital for about two years. The neighbors all pitched in and took care of our yard and house. They also made home cooked meals for us. These were people who were doomed at Armageddon. Most of what I remember from the Hall was single women hitting on my Dad in case my Mom didn’t pull through.

    One of the local churches had a prayer for her. I don't remember the KH doing that.

  • oompa

    if i could pray for you and her i would......you have prob got my fave name on jwd......olin moyles ghost second......but as sad as it is....it will happen to all of us.....the circle of life like disney did.......be strong.........oompa

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    C.T. That is sick and I totally believe it.

  • passwordprotected

    A lot of people scoff at the idea of praying for someone. However, even if it doesn't work and it's all a lot of nonsense, does it hurt anyone?

    It's an offer of comfort and for many, many people there's something built into them that acknowledges that there are times to go to the source of life in prayer.

    If you want to PM me your mother's name a bit about her current circumstances, I'll pray for her too.

  • Chalam

    Same here. I almost never offer to "pray for someone" without doing it there an then as I could forget to do it later on :(

    I have prayed in the past following your request. Praying for you and your mother now...

    The Lord loves faith and you obviously have some. He hears your prayers and responds. You need to become His child.

    My prayer is that you make Jesus your Everlasting Father, no one comes to the Father but by Him.

    Who really are "the heretics" and who realy are friends? "By their fruit you will know them" (Matthew 7:16 Luke 6:44).

    All the best,


  • mraimondi

    i have heard prayers for specific people on the platform - and also i have had people mention "you're in my prayers" during a rough time....

    as a jw

  • mouthy

    wha happend! I do hope your Mum finds rest,weather
    it be from the pain,the illnes,or this storm she is going through.
    I also pray for you.I watched my family in pain,& even though I believe
    in a Creator.I sometimes got angry at HIM,& told HIM so..
    So You know HOW I am praying .You & Me will say it together
    "Father we come before your throne,& Jesus Christ's
    & ask your hand on WH Mother,We ask that you ease her pain
    we ask that what ever your will is, it will be done.
    Asking for WH also LORD,who has lost belief in you,which
    makes it harder to watch a love one suffer ..Let the Holy Spirit
    touch him,help his heart to stop aching,be with them BOTH.
    We Know we must all die at one time or another ,but your
    promise is,no pain,no tears,no suffering,when that time comes.
    So we leave the matter at your feet.Knowing you look at HEARTs
    NOT religions.We ask all this in the name above any other JESUS CHRIST AMEN"

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